Annoying Platforms

Dear Reader,

Glynsky thinks, I am too fond of the internet. Probably it is an age issue. Glynsky would be quite happy going back to Royal Mail exclusively.

Granted, I am fascinated by the internet and its possibilities. But my fascination is not without critic, especially when it comes to “platforms”. explains it nicely: If Famous Websites Were People

By the way, in case you need one more reason to dislike Google, after they are closing Reader, the FBI top priority in 2013 is to get real time access to all gmail.
Thanks, Google, for NOT letting me know.

Yet another reason, I am eager to move Diablog away from everything Google.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Concert by the Sea

Dear Reader,

Our friendly ghost Casper complained about the lack of jazz at diablog. She also complained, we were not up to date in our choice of music.
This shows, you cannot please a woman.

Anyway, she is right in terms of jazz.
Let me change that a bit, by treating you to an all time favorite, a jewel, a wonderful “concert by the sea

(Embedded via Youtube, if you have problems watching it, please let me know.)

This is ~45 minutes of absolutely great music!
Please, beware, this in no elevator music. It is worth listening to exclusively. Do not attempt to do something else while listening. You would miss so much.

To many, pianist Errol Garner is the greatest Jazz pianist of all time. And every piano player will admit, technically Errol Garner is a genius.

You might know Errol from a movie, and that is:

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an old lady lifts her skirts…

Dear diablog,

As I leave a little later today for a business meeting in Bordeaux – life is hard – I am reminded of the post on my return from the last visit.

I was a little startled at the interest shown in a recent post musing on classic racing cars.
Living like a gypsy for over 25 years appealed to me and my coterie of friends but seemed a mystery to many of my business colleagues and ‘non racer’ friends who considered me mad. The only madness was that they had no idea of what we got up to!

At the time there was a saying in classic racing circles that when your car had run well for a race,  ‘the old lady had lifted her skirts and ripped off her knickers’! A little disrespectful, but probably true.

So, to mark the start of the season I report some of my finds in my secret haven.
I will revisit this place quite a lot in coming weeks as they are doing work on ‘bits’ of Alfreda for me (like an aluminium bonnet and boot, sculpturing the seats etc – sorry ER, very not original but rather cool!!).

Oh, and it’s not quite your regular grease monkey hangout.

Not many BMW or Tata workshops have this sort of thing in for a start of season ‘sprucing up’!

For this first post in a series from these workshops to carry the same title, why not start with the small matter of Mr. Hill’s Lotus 16!

Sadly my child bearing hips make it very difficult for me to just ‘jump in’
ollhs-3as you can see, space is at a premium, though it is easier when everything has been taken off her (again referring to skirt lifting……

diablog – a little dinghy on the sea

Dear Reader,

Our beloved Elsbeth left a comment here regarding the interest of diablog in internet security, surveillance and government spying.

Let me state the obvious, we are internet amateurs. Sailing a tiny dinghy on the seas of the internet. And we all are enjoying the journey.

We have been hacked – or more accurately I was – we have learned some lessons and we keep learning almost every day.

To security professionals some posts might be yesterdays news, or amateurish. Yet, diablog is not an internet security blog. Diablog is about the good things in life.

I throw in a few posts here and there about matters, I think a normal internet user might take an interest in, or care to read about. Like a driver reads about changing traffic rules and regulations.

One can say a lot about G+P. But not that anyone here is stupid, or unwilling to learn, or incapable of learning. Quite the opposite I’d say.

And regarding Elsbeth’s wishes about our audience:

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Beware The Ides Of March

I arrived home rather late last night slightly the worse for wear.
Mrs Pete was asleep when I crept in, but usually leaves me a message hoping I had had a good evening.
If you believe that you will believe anything…

I can only assume that I had been pushing my luck in recent weeks judging by the delightful ‘work of art’ that had been hand carved and left out for me to see on my return.

Do you think the photo I took of her handywork is just a message for me to eat more fruit?
I certainly hope so, but then again maybe not.

I would like to point out that it is not easy sleeping with both eyes open in case she were to decide to put her creative idea into practice.


Do you feel lucky?

Dear Reader,

There are two words, certain to make Smiles, Glynksy – and many others – yawn:

Surveillance and Privacy


They don’t care about it. Any discussion is fruitless, you could talk to a wall or a lamp post.

The idea, that every human being needs privacy, is completely lost on them. They have forgotten their teenage years, when they needed and had it to develop their own personality. To dream, contemplate, experiment.

Constant surveillance, and how it changes human behavior, – proven countless times in prisons and totalitarian states – is of no concern to them either. The CIA Chief Technology Officer, Ira “Gus” Hunt, saying:

“the world is increasingly awash in information from text messages, tweets, and videos — and the agency wants all of it.”

“It is really very nearly within our grasp to be able to compute on all human generated information.”

“Mobile is NOT safe.” (three times)

is irrelevant to them. The most common response is: “I’ve got nothing to hide.”
Way more intelligent people than I have proven this statement to be false. I am not going to repeat it here, because … lamp post! Plus, I do not intend to bore Smiles to death.

The intend of this post is, to give you something else to consider.

Ask IT people, they will tell you:

“Every computer with an internet connection can be cracked.
If you want safety, cut the cable.”

You can find admissions from companies – now published almost daily, which got cracked. Apple, Microsoft, Sony, the list is endless. And these are IT companies. What do you think is happening in less professional environments?

Already I hear the response:
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