the ultimate sexist post – an addendum…

Dear diablog,

Existing readers will know that I have already, here, had a rant at the antics of women and their methods of parking in supermarkets – but it seemed apposite to expand on it a little!

In an earlier post this month on the joys of discovering my true self, I finished with a reference to women/cars/parking – and the bad effect they had on my visits to supermarkets despite my carefree attitude.

Times were when ‘gals’ drove real cars

and discerning male admirers (of whom I am one) were in awe of the dexterity with which they coped with the ignition advance, hand throttle, free wheeling devices and other mysteries which then beset the automobilist.


I was even prepared to forgive the drivers of the incredibly horrid Nissan Micra (seen here in the best place for it)

or even better…


who seem to drive ever slower and more erratically – though to be fair, irrespective as to whether the ‘pilote’ is male or female.

However today even the most timid of ladies seem honestly to believe that they can drive the mobile block of flats by Lexus, the ruins of the Berlin Wall by BMW or Canary Wharf sized Range Rovers bought for them by their husbands to allow them to demonstrate to the world how successful they have been as estate agents.


However, the moment they enter the confines of a supermarket car park they seem to be overwhelmed by the need to maximise the number of manoeuvres necessary to ensure the maximum delay to other users possible – and this is just to get in to the car park!

with the free place selected as destination having nothing whatsoever to do with the markings helpfully there to ‘help’!
Any attempt to ‘make suggestions’ is greeted by

which leads me to conclude that the only alternative is to offer all women a free course at

The whole experience is Madness – talking of whom it seems a good place to end with.

Yours, diablog, getting off me chest,


6 thoughts on “the ultimate sexist post – an addendum…

  1. Most women crash the car into the wall of the garage as they do not know the difference between 10 and 20 cm.

  2. Most women I know, can

    – do their make-up,
    – while texting,
    – while changing the tune on their music device,
    – while driving.

    Or at least they claim to.


  3. What me lie?
    Enjoying a long weekend in Tuscany and the weekend could get longer if Trade Union goes ahead with strike at Lufthansa on Monday. As I am staying with my boss and good friend, it does not matter.
    Preparing to take coffee to Mrs Smiles in bed and then accompany her shopping.
    Have a good weekend. I will !!!

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