an engine room booster…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room takes a lot of hits whilst doing his best for us all, and in the ‘spirit’ of welcoming him for his latest planned visit to the UK (and raucous reception at the International HQ) I felt it a good idea to allow him to ‘immerse’ himself into his beloved Scotland and favourite tipple.

Some ads are good, many appalling but this one (though long) is both well made and imaginative.
It also, for those who have not been, gives wonderful views of the highlands and is a good place to be as the weather improves into a real Spring.

We at diablog avoid advertising pop ups on our pages, but from time to time we find a good one.

Yours, Engine Room, ‘afore you gae’


7 thoughts on “an engine room booster…

  1. A good advert but if I see a bottle of whisky, I can keep walking. Not my tipple. I am definitely a wine man and certain beers. Due to the job and market,, I can hold my own with vodka. I might just buy a bottle for the boat.

  2. Good plan Smiles, though a bottle of Mavrud or something not easily found in the UK might be good.
    Cap’n Pete falling in pissed -ooooer!

  3. Dear All,

    Sorry for the silence, I am busy, traveling and partying like crazy. Life is good.

    1st, a brilliant actor.
    2nd, iconic story telling, truly great advertising.
    3rd, the drink isn’t really good, except for the blue label maybe.

    See you soon,

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