an old lady lifts her skirts…

Dear diablog,

I hope that this post finds you in a comfortable and emotionally stable state – the film clip is devastating if not!

This post is dedicated to one of pretty much everyone’s favourite classic – the Lamborghini Miura,

though, despite the same colour, not as you may know it!!

And still in the same colour, film of £1,000,000 going up in flames in west London a few weeks ago. The ‘main’ clip on this has disappeared off youtube – and I could not have published it anyway as although downloadable it would not play! I am sure that Engine Room could have solved the problem but whatever, I was pleased to have found much worse but of the same incident by a bystander.
The original was better in both quality and content – the poor guy having bailed out and filmed it all on his phone! This though is still what the owner did not want!

However, luckily, this was not the fate of the car captured here at my friends Classic Car repair works!

Lambos, as with many vehicles of the time, suffer badly from tinworm


which has eventually to be repaired before collapsing into a heap…

… of useless junk and here are some photos of one such undergoing restoration and at various stages in the operation.


The preceding photos were taken some weeks ago and before great strides were taken in the work which today looks nearer to


though still not far enough ahead for a huge Lambo meet scheduled in Italy in a few weeks time – and again, not what the owner wanted!

Good luck Strawberry (my friend’s nickname) I am glad its not me that has to explain why!

Yours, diablog, trying to get to the Alfa


PS. There are some 546 (!) photos of this restoration available. I can post more if required.

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