Tying the Knot

Dear Reader,

Sorry, if the headline is a bit misleading. No one is getting married at diablog.

Since the sailing season has started, and in preparation of the brilliant party on Pete’s boat, announced by Smiles here, I am practicing knots.

If you are interested in knots, the internet has everything, maybe this website helps:

These are the basic ones you need:

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One for Alex

Dear Reader,

One of our favorite, young commentators, Alex, has been very silent lately.
Maybe we upset him. Or maybe he was just too excited. Because after weeks of rumors his favorite musicians, Daft Punk, released a new record.

The French, helmet wearing,

Album cover for Random Access Memories

masters of house music published Random Access Memories, you can have a look here too:

Sadly, I did not find time yet, to listen to it.
Did you beat me to it, Alex? How is it?
In the meantime, here is their all time classic, One more time:
I actually wanted to play that for Alex’ upcoming birthday.
But I shall find something else.
Stay current,
Engine Room

goodbye maggs…

Dear diablog,

I honestly never thought I would find myself writing this but in view of some of the ridiculously puerile ‘demos’ and press of  recent days I hope that I will be forgiven a small eulogy for Margaret Thatcher.


It is amazing that after some 20 years of losing power this one person is more capable of polarising opinions in the UK than any other. That any of us could achieve a postscript would be amazing.
Divisive to some she may well have been, but it would appear that they all too easily forget what had gone before her.

As an example, in an earlier life I employed a reasonable number of people who, rightly in their view, were members of Unions (though when asked why could never give me a coherent answer) – but I had 9 individual groups to deal with and it was one of the most thankless and incomprehensible tasks I have ever faced. It was, put simply, mayhem. Put this into a national perspective and all becomes a little clearer.

She got much wrong. She got much right.
Whatever else she welded a divided nation (Winter of Discontent etc etc) into one and gave it back some pride.
She did nothing for women in politics (Queen Bee Syndrome?)
She antagonised the ‘luvvy’ infested ‘arts’ establishment which drained untold millions of pounds in subsidies for a variety of galleries, stage and film funding in the main used only for their and their own elitist coterie’s appreciation. However I notice that now, following her suggestion, they have the habit and ability to fleece any ‘donor’ irrespective of morality and background for their survival/maintenance.

I (and neither you) need a list of her goods and bads – but today sees her funeral and Lord knows what the nutters will attempt!
I am no fan of the rabid mutterings of The Daily Mail (nor the mindless profanities uttered by those rejoicing in her death) but the lady deserves respect for all she achieved to the good – and no one (even Engine Room) is wrong all the time.
If dancing on the grave redresses the negatives I shall spend the rest of my life touring grave yards to prance on the unworthy.

She gave a tottering nation pride and was driven by conviction which is always due respect.

God rest you Maggs and from me enough.
I hope to one day read the considered judgement of history. Maybe we are all too close right now.


a sunny afternoon…

Dear diablog,

As you are all aware, Mme goes from strength to strength in her rehabilitation.
I must confess that at one stage I had knicknamed her Mona and prepared a post on her in that guise. It remains unpublished – which is probably why I am still alive!

Close enough to Mona is Lola

which acts as a good introduction to a pub – if it can still be called that, called The Clissold Arms that may interest you if you are a Kinks fan. As you will see from the photos if you followed the link it is far removed from the classic ‘pub’ image with a terrasse restaurant area, an indoor restaurant area, the Kinks room (also a restaurant!) and a massive outside restaurant area with heaters, silver service and anything one would need for a – restaurant area! The band must have been starving!

For a ‘rehabilitation’ run I took Mme there for a (very long) lunch the other day for a party being held by some close friends who live near the

to spend a
and a great time was had by all whilst sitting on Ray Davies!
having an excellent lunch in what can only be described as rather garish surroundings
though with, as can be seen, gallons of bottles of fizz all over the place!
Every possible square inch is covered in memorabilia…