postscript for a sunny afternoon…

Dear diablog,

In an earlier post I referred to a visit to the spiritual home of Kinks fans and promised my favourite of their enormous repetoire – and here it is!
What happened to the hair on the right of Ray’s head – and his ‘walking on the spot’ rythmn has nothing to do with the tempo!

Somehow the sentiment always wins – all of the day and all of the night!

Yours, diablog, hangin’ around


clip thanks to youtube

Watching Sports

Dear Reader,

On plenty of occasions I have made fun of our gents at diablog being somewhat obsessed with watching sports, soccer in particular.

How bad is English soccer?
In the recent championship of something England was allowed to host the final. Not because any of its lousy teams made it there. Just because.
To make matters worse, two German teams played each other in the final. The Germans invaded England, took over Wembley – or where ever it was, and the whole UK had to sit by and watch. Churchill must have been rotating in his grave.

Enough of that boring, slow sport.
In the late eighties and early nineties I watched quite a bit of basketball. Then the NY Knicks had a couple of shots at the NBA championship. (Don’t check now, it is a disaster.)

Sadly, the Knicks never made it. In case you wonder why, let me play a song, that will remind you:

Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project, also known as the intro of the Chicago Bulls.

And it was one Bulls player, who ruined the championship dreams for the Knicks more than anyone else.

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Here is Summer

Dear Reader,

While Pete is thinking about killing his wife, Glynsky announced here comes summer. Both seem to be a little off.

Sweet Pete would never do such a thing, and according to other, more reliable people, like Elsbeth, there is no summer in Europe. She claims there isn’t or wasn’t even Spring.

For the record, current conditions in NYC are 79°F or 26°C.

If you feel like summer, or want to, enjoy this “forbidden dance” from the summer of ’89:

a “stolen” song.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

How To Murder Your Wife?

Diablog readers may or may not be interested in the following:

I am about to murder my wife but can’t do it at the moment as she has left to go to work.

Things stated off badly today as she left the bathroom tap running by mistake causing a small but efficient tidal wave to hit the floor upstairs and then find its way through the lounge ceiling and walls.
Ok, so accidents happen, and I can redecorate when and if the sodden ceiling and walls have dried out.

a load of red bull…

Dear diablog,

I suppose that this post should have been part of the ‘Old Lady Skirts‘ series, but somehow it doesn’t quite fit with the cars so far (and in the future) that tend to feature.

It revolves around the Red Bull events truck


which is based on an old Volvo model and which ‘transforms’ into an entertainment centre at selected event support venues complete with video screens and an inbuilt DJ!


So what was this monster doing at a classic car rebuilder’s?  Well, some ‘expert’ despite extra fuel…

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American Cuisine – Europe is missing something

Dear Reader,

The headline will make Glynsky cringe, I don’t care.
When it comes to food, North America has little reason to be proud of its additions to the world. McDonalds, Buger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Subway, our exports aren’t much to write home about. Most of the stuff just makes you fat.

There is one exception, the world has picked up from Mexico:

Which in my humble opinion should be served without chicken, just lettuce, olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, salt, fresh-ground black pepper, wine vinegar, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, raw egg yolks, freshly grated Parmesan cheese and freshly prepared croutons.

You can find it now in many restaurants in Europe. And while it is delicious, I wonder why Europe hasn’t picked up its sibling?

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here comes summer…

Dear diablog,

Though at the time of writing you would be right to doubt it, it is, we are lead to believe, ‘officially’ summer!

Recently Pete and I referred to the end of my garden as ‘looking like the Somme’ – in  reality it was dominated by


very non garden looking objects accompanied by
Tonka toys and making
an unholy mess!!
This was not due to impending visits from any of  the G+P glitterati (Casper, Smiles, Alex, Iren – whatever happened to her, did she finally elope with Pete?) but the need to turn what had become a bit of a mess into…