Our little ship here

Dear Reader,

After a week of trouble and hustle, slowly the tiny ship diablog is getting back into calmer waters. Here is briefly what happened.

Let me start with the first hick up, since I caused it.

The email address to confirm the domain transfer had been outdated and needed an update. That took about an hour to spot and another 30 minutes to fix. Certainly it did not justify a delay of almost a week.

Next, our contractual partner, Google, which received money from Glynsky for services rendered, uses enom.com as domain registrar. Most registrars use what is called the OAuth code for transfers. Not enom. They issue their own special code for domain transfers. To get it took a day, thanks to their slow “customer service”. It also bit us in the back further down our long tour to “divorce” Google.

Next hick up, Google puts a lock on every domain. That needs to be released for the domain to be transfered. That took again a day to accomplish, thanks to the “customer service” of enom.

Next hick up, Google puts a “privacy protection” on every domain. That needs to be unlocked for a domain transfer. Again, a day went by until that was sorted, thanks to … you guessed it.

The next hick up came from our new registrar, which used the general OAuth code to get the domain and – see above – was rejected by enom. Half a day later we had convinced them to use the special enom code.

That was it, right? Wrong.

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Oh happy days …

Dear Reader,

This year I am one of the happiest people alive:

the youngest graduates


After I don’t know how many decades of school, finally, I am done with it.

Now I can sing along Alice Cooper, schools out for ever:

Because I will not help any grandkids with homework. They can use Wikipedia for that.

Stay curious,
Engine Room

return to the forbidden rocky planet horror show. part 3…

Dear diablog,

So this post is the final in several senses. At last we reach the point of this Rocky Planet series and, more poignantly it is, I am told, the last using my old friend Blogger.

Why we have to change? Only He knows. Do we need/want to change? Ditto. Or maybe this is an Engine Room/Pete/Smiles antiGlynsky move as they know I will struggle like hell with the trouser Press. So this may be the last you here from me for ages, but this is an apt post to end the era and the series as all 3 were dedicated to – fun! Which is a lot more than can be said for the change (menopause?).

How to get the most out of your evening at the theatre with either (or both?) RHPS or Planet.

First to RHPS. I got one of these years ago

which is now a bit of a collectors item so, to save you time and cash, look after the pics for all the info you might need including props and responses which must be shouted at the correct time so that you could be enjoying yourself as much as this lot seem to be

Read carefully – there is no test but lotsa larffs!

Or, if you prefer to be outdoors, do it in style as only the Germans can, the real deal…
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an old lady lifts her skirts…

Dear diablog,

Time seems to pass so fast when you are, er, ‘enjoying’ yourself!! I have neglected to keep you up to date since the last ‘old lady‘.

Some while ago our second string auto expert was babbling about a load of old cobras sort of alluding to the original, on which it was based, the AC Ace.

If you fancy a full on rebuild of one, part of my friend’s classic car restoration garage main door is adorned by

the remains of one! You would have to find just about everything else – but it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened!

However, still enjoying the full English on a regular basis, on my last visit there was a proper one in the throes of just that

and the assorted bits of tube and (to be made) ally panels started to take shape

whilst being fashioned by the super skilled craftsmen that he employs…

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Dear Reader,

Per Smiles’ and Pete’s command here and here, I will leave them and diablog alone.

In accordance with my avatar, Johann aka “The Ghost” from “Das Boot“, I shall plunge. Something highly recommended for all on the seas of the internet.

If Pete were picking the background music for that, it probably would be “We all live in a yellow submarine” by The Beatles. Yuk.

More authentic is part two of the original soundtrack Das Boot:

and for those youngsters, especially Alex, here isĀ  the remix of Das Boot part one by U96:

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