Dear Reader,

Per Smiles’ and Pete’s command here and here, I will leave them and diablog alone.

In accordance with my avatar, Johann aka “The Ghost” from “Das Boot“, I shall plunge. Something highly recommended for all on the seas of the internet.

If Pete were picking the background music for that, it probably would be “We all live in a yellow submarine” by The Beatles. Yuk.

More authentic is part two of the original soundtrack Das Boot:

and for those youngsters, especially Alex, here isĀ  the remix of Das Boot part one by U96:

Favorable winds and currents,
Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Plunging

  1. Great music from a great film. Glynsky has just set sail with bottles of Pinot Grigio Blush as depth charges. Take care in the depths. You will be missed by some.

  2. Dear ER. Greetings from the rainy Black sea coast of Georgia.
    I awoke early (as usual) and went back to January 2011 to read your post “Give him das Boot”. Hard to imagine that January 2011 was in the BS (Before Smiles) Period with so few comments. I bet that you all wish that Glynsky had never introduced me to the diablog and begged/bribed me to write comments.

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