an old lady lifts her skirts…

Dear diablog,

Time seems to pass so fast when you are, er, ‘enjoying’ yourself!! I have neglected to keep you up to date since the last ‘old lady‘.

Some while ago our second string auto expert was babbling about a load of old cobras sort of alluding to the original, on which it was based, the AC Ace.

If you fancy a full on rebuild of one, part of my friend’s classic car restoration garage main door is adorned by

the remains of one! You would have to find just about everything else – but it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened!

However, still enjoying the full English on a regular basis, on my last visit there was a proper one in the throes of just that

and the assorted bits of tube and (to be made) ally panels started to take shape

whilst being fashioned by the super skilled craftsmen that he employs… do wonders of shape and form from flat bits of material.

Note the ‘item’ in the back ground – this will be shown in detail in the next of this series, oh wow!!!!

To continue,

there is still much to be done but you may rest assured that another satisfied owner will soon be collecting his baby to cosset and tinker with.

So when, Strawb, will you start work on Alfreda? It’s only a bonnet and boot lid for chrissake!!!

Yours, diablog, impatient to get on the road


3 thoughts on “an old lady lifts her skirts…

  1. No problem ER. Next time that I am in India, I will bring you one complete with basket and flute.

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