return to the forbidden rocky planet horror show. part 3…

Dear diablog,

So this post is the final in several senses. At last we reach the point of this Rocky Planet series and, more poignantly it is, I am told, the last using my old friend Blogger.

Why we have to change? Only He knows. Do we need/want to change? Ditto. Or maybe this is an Engine Room/Pete/Smiles antiGlynsky move as they know I will struggle like hell with the trouser Press. So this may be the last you here from me for ages, but this is an apt post to end the era and the series as all 3 were dedicated to – fun! Which is a lot more than can be said for the change (menopause?).

How to get the most out of your evening at the theatre with either (or both?) RHPS or Planet.

First to RHPS. I got one of these years ago

which is now a bit of a collectors item so, to save you time and cash, look after the pics for all the info you might need including props and responses which must be shouted at the correct time so that you could be enjoying yourself as much as this lot seem to be

Read carefully – there is no test but lotsa larffs!

Or, if you prefer to be outdoors, do it in style as only the Germans can, the real deal…

… and boy I would have liked to been there!

I have to admit that originally I thought this was in Germany – I now believe that it was Mallorca but appeared on a German site. Ho hum – it’s still excellent.

Return to the Forbidden Planet is another thing all together. It’s one of those shows that has a life of its own and the resposibilities of the audience vary from production to production – but this lot figured something out!.

Absolutely de rigeur is to wear a kids sixgun holster with an electric hair dryer as a ray gun. Everything else revolves around the play list  – here – but different directors choose different stuff so use your imagination, check out the list above and here (probably the best) to carry props to enhance the songs, for example:

Tennis balls for Great Balls of Fire
Handcuffs for Cant Turn You Loose
Sound makers for Shake Rattle and Roll
Magicians outfit for I’m Gonna Change the World
Bobby socks and a taffeta skirt for Teenager in Love

Woteva, just go for a great time and sing along to

and, please, really let go and have a good time.

One last thing, if you have bothered to get this far, I found this whilst researching for the posts –
WTF are ‘tropes’ ???????

Yours, diablog, happy with my present lot and dreading what ER will do to me on Sunday – and still wondering why!


all clips thanks to youtube