Back for good

Dear Reader,

Diablog is back. Not completely – where are the damn pics and movies? – but we’re back.

More soon,

Engine Room

10 thoughts on “Back for good

  1. Congratulations for the change. I am just leaving for Copenhagen and then on to Bergen.
    Welcome back. Something was missing in my life.
    Love to Glynsky, Pete and ER.

  2. You must be mellowing in your old age or possibly telling the truth after meeting me.
    In Bergen. Great city. Drizzling. Very expensive.

      1. Dear ER

        Just to cheer you up

        Teacher: Where is the capital or Russia?
        Student: In Swiss Banks !!!

  3. Sterling work ER. Still don’t have a clue, but you have worked your wotsits off. As said by Eli, kudos!

    1. Am I the only one wondering what happened to Pete? A week off and he vanishes.

      Wonderful joke, Smiles, may I use it?

      Have a great weekend everyone,

  4. ER, you may use all of my jokes, including Glynsky.
    Yesterday evening started with whale carpaccio followed by fillet of moose.
    Good microbrewery in Bergen.

    1. Which might just be your biggest and best of all times!
      Besides working I am being spoiled rotten,
      just went for a nice swim, sitting in the sun.
      Back to fixing things,


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