Our little ship here

Dear Reader,

After a week of trouble and hustle, slowly the tiny ship diablog is getting back into calmer waters. Here is briefly what happened.

Let me start with the first hick up, since I caused it.

The email address to confirm the domain transfer had been outdated and needed an update. That took about an hour to spot and another 30 minutes to fix. Certainly it did not justify a delay of almost a week.

Next, our contractual partner, Google, which received money from Glynsky for services rendered, uses enom.com as domain registrar. Most registrars use what is called the OAuth code for transfers. Not enom. They issue their own special code for domain transfers. To get it took a day, thanks to their slow “customer service”. It also bit us in the back further down our long tour to “divorce” Google.

Next hick up, Google puts a lock on every domain. That needs to be released for the domain to be transfered. That took again a day to accomplish, thanks to the “customer service” of enom.

Next hick up, Google puts a “privacy protection” on every domain. That needs to be unlocked for a domain transfer. Again, a day went by until that was sorted, thanks to … you guessed it.

The next hick up came from our new registrar, which used the general OAuth code to get the domain and – see above – was rejected by enom. Half a day later we had convinced them to use the special enom code.

That was it, right? Wrong.

Now the Google kraken came into play.

When all usual and some less usual matters were sorted, and three days had been wasted, finally Google took notice that we were about to leave. After another 12 hours we got a note from Google. In essence it said, we do not believe you want to leave. Thus we will keep you for another week. Unless you tell us, that you really, really, really want to go. Then, and just then, we might let you go. And it still might take another five days.

By then I was furious. I had begged, plead with, and eventually yelled at people to get the domain transfered. And here was Google, notorious for having NO customer service, telling us they would keep us offline for another week.

Finally, after days of hustle and waiting and endless waiting the domain glynskyandpete.com was transferred. What took less than four hours with other domain transfers and registrars, and little to no hick ups, took me four days and tons of trouble with Google.

The lesson learned: Google is worse than I thought. And I highly recommend, you stay away from it, or leave in case you are with them already.

More about my next mistakes later.

Stay free,

Engine Room

12 thoughts on “Our little ship here

  1. Dear ER. You have done a great job. It is now so easy to comment that I will probably comment even more often.
    Still in Bergen. My brother (The Inverness Druid) invited us for dinner yesterday evening to a Seafood Restaurant. It was really excellent but so expensive. A bottle of wine costing GBP 8.99 in UK supermarket, was over GBP 60. I wont tell you what the dinner cost in case The Druid reads this as he has just recovered from the shock.
    My day today. I have rented a private boat and we are off to the fjords including a nice lunch.
    In the end it is only money and you cannot take it with you !!!
    Hope to see you soon, ER.

    1. Thanks, Smiles,
      I am glad you like it.
      Pete will have to improve the picture, once he pops up again. And tons of media are still missing. But we will get there.

      Enjoy your boat trip!

    1. Dear Casper,
      You are not retarded. It is my fault.
      Replace the first part of the address
      with engineroom.

        1. Hold on.. It sent but at the same time sent me a delivery failure notification.
          And I have that email address too.

          It could be me but its highly unlikely as I haven’t changed anything, so it might be you?


          1. It is: engineroom at glynsky and pete dot com
            without the spaces and, of course, it is spelled out above. Do NOT use auto complete from your address book

  2. I have tried all possible ways that I know of, and I am unable to, it’s easy if you just email my usual address, if you can.


  3. All good things must come to and end. We had a great day on the fjords yesterday. Our Tour Company gave us a much bigger and faster boat ie the equivalent of an upgrade in the airline business.
    Back to Vilnius via Copenhagen this evening. Tomorrow afternoon to Vienna and back to work and training.
    I am sure that I can survive the 3 days before we leave for a week in Corfu next Saturday. July and August will be pretty quiet, with just a few trips to European cities and a lot of time in Vilnius.
    Take care all of you. Enjoy the Summer. I will.

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