For a more private internet

Dear Reader,

After the leak about the NSA spying on everyone, more and more governments admit to spying. The Brits, Dutch and Belgian participate in PRISM and Germany admits to spying on at least 5% of the internet traffic. They want to increase that to 10%.

What a lovely bunch of people.

Already in 2011 we wrote here on diablog, that control over the internet is top priority for politicians all over the world. And they will not stop.

So how do we push them back?

For the near future I hope for the Freedom Box, as pointed out here.

But you can start defending yourself against spying and profiling already today.

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return to the forbidden rocky planet horror show. part 2…

Dear diablog,

In part 1 of this series I talked about The Rocky Horror Show without fully explaining why and what the whole point was – which, according to Pete, is usual for me.

Cult status afforded to theatrical productions is rare compared to movies. Whilst RHPS expanded the audience for the stage show there is another which hasn’t (yet sort of has!) benefited from this multi media treatment.

It all started ‘a long long time ago’ with a series of comics featuring a story line of space travel,

damsels in distress, monsters, the undead and just about anything else that came into the fertile minds of the writers/illustrators.

Over a period, the theme (and title) were so popular that in the late ’50’s a seriously B movie was produced called ‘Forbidden Planet’ starring (about whom a huge fuss was made) Robby the Robot.

If you have taken the time to read the link, and here is another, it will come as no surprise that the whole story is based on a play by none other than that struggling upstart William Shakespeare – The Tempest.

I have accused this film of being a ‘seriously B movie’ but, bearing in mind the year of release, this clip was real fear to young viewers…

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Leaving the Spies – moving Diablog

Dear Reader,

For quite a while we wanted to move away from Blogger, Google, and all other companies spying on you and us. The Facebook page died a while ago. The twitter account was pretty much abandoned too.

According to orders from top management, aka Saint Glynsky, we will move on

Sunday the 23rd of June

We will find ourselves a new host for the domain,, leaving Google, which currently provides hosting.

We will leave Blogger, a Google subsidiary, which currently provides the content management system, and use the Free Open Source Software WordPress.

We will leave Gmail, again a Google service, so they cannot spy on our email, and yours, if you happen to write to us.

What does that mean for you?

While in transition on Sunday, diablog might not be available all the time.
I apologize, should you encounter downtime. If it happens, check

where diablog will be hosted during the moving.

The layout of diablog might look a bit different on Sunday.
We will work to make it look as similar as possible. Why?
Because Pete likes it the way it is. And he is the Chief Officer of design, layout, look-and-feel, everything visual at diablog.

You will find it much easier to comment in the future, no more captcha.
Smiles and Elsbeth have been complaining for ever about that.

Other features will be introduced over time, WordPress has a gazillion of those.
In case you know of a great one, you would like to see here, just let us know, please.

I better start packing.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

the bare necessities…

Dear diablog,

I first apologise for my erratic postings for this week but Mme continues to call on my time and I am off to join Carlo (my friend with the stonking juke box) to look at an Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS (similar to my Giulia but with a 1300cc engine) in which I am interested.

However, both Pete and Engine Room (and indeed Smiles in various comments) have been relating stories of what happened during the recent G+P boat trip – as usual with attendant antiGlynsky jibes.

The real truth is that Capn’ Pete took a wrong turn and we innocents (due to a claimed closure of part of the canal for ‘security reasons’) ended up a deal further north than originally intended.

Closer to the truth is probably that the route would have taken us passed Pete’s  favourite location for ‘nature’ shoots when ‘assisting’ young lady models to ‘expand their portfolios’. I believe that there was some incriminating evidence left lying around – probably semi naked.

So there we were, about to wash the diesel off our clothes after he had us siphon some from the tanks of a nearby British warship when…

As always, the truth will out – and I am grateful to Erika


for setting the records straight – or at least, as straight as the snoopers at MI5 would allow!

Yours, diablog, with a shiver in me timbers


Nothing to hide

Dear Reader,

The recent revelations regarding Verizon supplying all your telephone data to the NSA, and all major internet companies sending your data to the NSA could be used for the old fashioned “told you so“.

But I don’t like that, and more importantly, I need to apologize.
Diablog still uses Blogger and Gmail, both part of Google. I am sorry.

On to two other problems.

One: I am running out of conspiracy theories.

Seriously, the favorite ones of the last decades all came out to be true. The USA spies on everyone. Its allies play along and are enjoying the results from the spying. Microsoft including Hotmail and Skype spying on you and selling (!) your data to the NSA, dito for Google including Gmail, GoogleTalk, Youtube, etc. Apple, Facebook, AOL and others playing along.

Why did none of the companies say No to the NSA?
Read this interesting post about the one telco CEO, who did:

[liberationtech] Why didn’t tech company leaders blow the whistle?

And if you like satire, read this statement, written about the USA in the journalist language usually reserved for foreign countries:

By the way, when Secretary of State Kerry reminded the world, that peaceful protest is a human right, was I the only one thinking Occupy Wall Street? But he meant Turkey. Bugger.

The second problem bothering me is that idiotic sentence:

“I’ve got nothing to hide”
and its variant:
“If you have nothing to hide, you don’t need to be afraid”.
Frankly, I am sick and tired of this. A while ago, I gave Glynsky and all others yet another proper argument against that here. We need to solve that. Here is how:

Just put me on a boat

Dear Reader,

The diablog boat trip was wonderful. Thanks to Pete, Smiles, Mrs. Glysnkette and Mrs. Pete!
Glynsky, like always, failed. No brunette, blond, or redhead for me. Glynsky did not drown and even stopped each and every prank.

But all that could not darken the day.
Sunshine, wind and a boat. That is pretty much paradise for me. OK, Pete still has to learn, that there is no need for a motor, wind is free of charge. But he saved me from spending the day down in the engine room.
No cell phones ringing, no radio, no TV. No traffic lights, no screaming, yelling or any other troubles.

And then Pete plays the most wonderful piece of music ever written here. What more could one ask for?

Since we already had “Sailing” by Christopher Cross on diablog, here is the other “Sailing” song, by Rod Stewart:

which matches my current state of mind. Yes, that is home in the background.

Sailing home,
Engine Room