Missing you

Dear Reader,

Long lost Pete

seems to be back, although I haven’t read anything yet. Supposedly the female version of begging, aka yelling, of our readership, in persona Iren


made all the difference. Thanks, Iren!

And now, at least according to Smiles’


claim here, Glynsky is gone.

Excuse me? What is this? Lost and Found? The Missing Person Bureau? Somehow I feel like …

… herding cats:

May I quote John Waite:


Enjoy your summer,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. Fun post, I can really understand your feeling right now :)
    Now I am just waiting for the post Pete promissed me, I am not able to yell at him after all his nice words!

  2. Dear ER
    YOU are the only one that we can rely on as MR. EVER PRESENT on this diablog.
    You solve all problems.
    You update the diablog.
    You react quickly to comments.
    Why do you work for them? Is it friendship, a sense of duty or money?

    1. Dear Smiles,

      That is very kind. Whether or not my presence is good, remains to be seen.
      I cause all problems, thus I better solve them too.
      The reason? Blackmail, of course.


  3. To Glynsky,

    A review on your review.

    I had a chance to check out Luther, on BBCiPlayer.
    And since your review on Silks brought me to the wonderful Diablog,I though this would be a treat!.

    It was and it wasn’t, all the elements to make it a great show where there, even now I am questioning myself whether to continue watching it or not.

    Budget isn’t always an issue, and the actors and accents, top notch! But the actors didn’t seem to have practiced enough to be filming, at times thought provoking but at other times, just plain blatant. Twitching of the arm, looking at the wrong place, pauses without the right facial expression( making it just an annoying pause).

    Detail is important and consistency too.

    I am not a critic, but I do notice things, so I thought I would share!


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