Ship Wrecked

Hi there all you billions out there in Diablog land.

I have been away for a few days bringing my boat on a marathon journey from Hertfordshire to Little Venice in west London.


Little Venice


When I say marathon, the distance is around 26 miles, which normally would take around 9 hours including going through the various locks en route at the beginning of the journey.

Nine hours may seem a long time to you, but is about the same time I could complete the distance on foot, providing they were no major heart attacks on the way.

So what can possibly go wrong?

Well we stated out mid afternoon on day one and reached a decent place for an overnight stop in some place near some waterside public house.

I fished off the boat well into the night and even caught the occasional one.

For once all was well with the world and I was at relative peace with myself as I awoke to the heat of the next morning.

I was hoping that the engine, would behave as it had been running a bit warm the previous day, but it seemed to be coping with the 30 degree heat that has been with us for the last few weeks here in the UK.

So on the second day I started the engine and my calm disposition and peace and good will to all men vanished out the window (or should I say porthole?) faster than you could shout FuuuuuuuuuucK .

The temperature gauge had shot from cold to hot within 30 seconds starting and within 5 minutes had started boiling up.

I started to feel the same way as the bleeding engine and stopped, then started it, added water and the bastard continued to blow hot water at me whenever I moved it.

I think the engine is getting hot

I should point out that my mechanical knowledge of engines is about as complete as a blind Norwegian herring salesman.

I had to open the engine compartment (heavy) about 8 times that day as it staggered at warp factor one mile per hour, to a place where a mobile mechanic could come out.

The boat was eventually abandoned about a mile from Little Venice and the mechanic arrived the following morning, tested everything and told me eventually that my Head Gasket had probably blown.

man with a blown head gasket

I wasn’t sure if he meant mine or the boat’s but either way it is serious and undoubtedly expensive.

He is due to return to the boat today which I will believe when it happens, and then maybe, just maybe, my journey will continue.

To complete a perfect day I took my current wife out for a meal.

As I sat across from her in the Chinese restaurant, a serious look came over her face and she said,

“You know Pete, this isn’t going to work. I think I want a divorce. You’re just never going to bloody well grow up and be a man.”

It was at that moment, I knew there was nothing I could do.

I mean if the chopsticks-walrus impression I was doing wasn’t working, nothing would.


I will let you know how life progresses.

13 thoughts on “Ship Wrecked

  1. Oy, poor Pete!

    Head gasket is serious and needs fixing immediately. I hope, the cylinder heads don’t need face-grinding. Then a new/used engine might be cheaper.

    Do you want my (useless) help?


  2. Note to Mrs. Pete,

    Do not fall into the common female trap of:

    “You’re perfect, I love you.
    Now change!”

    What woman would want to live with a grown-up, aka boring, man?


  3. Thank you, Pete, for finally writing a post. And after reading the post I can see why you did`nt write for a while… You`ve been very busy…
    After reading this I can almost “see you” in anger on the boat, nothing working as it`s supposed to and with “THAT” feeling that you yourself has no clue how to fix it….
    This even beats some of my not so great days lately!
    I wish you some better days to come :)

    ER: I laughed so hard at your words, that is how women are like, isn`t it?
    The worst part is: We know (at least I do), and still we do it over and over again. When you men finally changes a bit, we see you as weak and no longer the same man we fell in love with!

  4. NOBODY goes through life without changing……be it man, woman, animal, fly.
    Change is inevitable and not forced.

    If Mrs Pete feels she deserves better, then be better, or start searching for what you derserve.

    You both aught to be happy, and I wish for both to be Very happy, with or without each other.

    I send all my love and strength to you Pete, and a ‘You go girlfriend’ to Mrs Pete.
    Good Luck :).

  5. And pete! I think you and your wife will find a solution in the end, just remember why you stayed together for all this time and make each other remember what it is you fell in love with in the first place. If she said that she thinks she want a divorce, I think that really means she is giving you a chance to prove her wrong.
    Good luck with all that is in front of you, I think about you and hope you find a solution that is good for the both of you!

  6. Dear Pete
    I have been divorced twice.
    Do you want a good lawyer? He is not cheap but very good. Problem is he lives in Vienna.

  7. Thank you all for your concern about my current state of matrimonial bliss.
    Mrs Pete has put up with my moods, my childishness, my bad behavior, for many many years.
    Apparently this is part of my inherent charm and it is just possible she quite likes me that way.

  8. Dear Pete
    Just to cheer you up.
    A 60 year old woman was jumping up and down on the bed and screaming in happiness. The husband asked why she was so happy. She replied that she has just come from her Cosmetic Surgeon and he said that after the operation, she now has boobs like an 18 year old.
    He asked, what did he say about your 60 year old arse?
    She replied that your name never came up in conversation.

  9. Thanks for the comments ER
    The engineer has just phoned to say tests on head gasket inconclusive…
    Heat exchanger is now the prime suspect but I have a bad feeling that it could be a lot worse than that.
    I will pass on your comment to Mrs Pete who will totally agree that I have not yet grown up.
    Personally I see nothing clever about being mature and it is arguably not in my control anyway.
    Some men are grown up at thirty and others (which I think are the majority never achieve this )
    However for some reason she still thinks I am ‘as good as it gets’

    • Dear Pete,

      Testing the compression should tell. If the bloody engine keeps/maintains the compression, then – in all likelihood – it isn’t the head gasket. Plus, a ruined head gasket usually means oil and water coming through the exhaust pipe, not just water.

      Aging is mandatory, growing up is optional.

      And Mrs. Pete is smart.


  10. Now you know what to do, Pete. Send for ER !!!!!
    He has managed to keep the diablog running for years and is now successfully updating it. The engine of a narrow boat should be no problem to a man of his many talents. Trouble is, he might bring his Grease Monkey, Glynsky, too.

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