Yeehaw – Pete’s back

Dear Reader,

Pete is back, we are saved. Me from writing, you from boredom!

First I wanted to play “Celebrate good times”, but we had that already. Then “Sing Hallelujah”, but we had that already too.

We also had the following song already. But Pete likes it, if I remember correctly. And I like it. And Glynsky isn’t around to complain.

Things can only get better,


since I found you!

Agreeing with D:Ream,

Engine Room

5 thoughts on “Yeehaw – Pete’s back

  1. Brilliant song!!!
    I see no reason why great songs should not be repeated whenever we feel like playing them.
    If Glynsky objects he is in the right place to have the mafia put him in a concrete overcoat.

  2. I wonder why I can`t see the song and why it won`t play!
    Oh….And did I mention I am also happy that Pete is back on the blog?

    • Dear Pete,
      There are so many brilliant songs out there, no need to be repetitive. Except for this time.

  3. Oh boy,

    One – Casper – cannot view flash vids, the other – Iren – has problems viewing .MP4 files.

    Dear Iren,
    What OS and browser do you have?


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