Resounding at the Engine Room right now

Dear Reader,

When Pete went missing (again) earlier this month, this is what I wanted to play:

Scottish singer Jimmy Summerville of The Communards, and earlier of Bronski Beat, had one of the best head voices in the 80s. The song, Don’t leave me this way, is a cover version of the Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes original.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

a day out in london? let’s go to 96 club…

Dear diablog,

The summer of cars has been quite extraordinary at Glynsky Towers. Apart from an addition to the stable – on which more in the future – there has been much to gawp at and places to go!


giulietta sprint 005

has been pressed into almost daily service and the fun is immense. Again more on her at a later date – the colour issue still awaits resolution!

However, if you happen to be in Central London on the 8th of September why not get up a little early for a Sunday and make your way to the Royal Hospital Chelsea to see the cavalcade and display of cars organised by the 96 Club.

Previous 96 Club Rendezvous have included such eclectic a group of gems as

SS Jaguars (with a touch of class lurking in the background!)


old Singers (not Status Quo)


one of Engine Room’s favourites


fake Bugattis



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I Don’t know My Arse From My Elbow

My usual excuse for non contribution to the Diablog is being a lazy bastard.

Not so this time when I have loads of excuses.

So many I might even convince a school teacher when you used to try and give a reason for not doing your homework.

Last Friday I was stung  near my bum by a wasp who flew up my shorts.

The bastard stung me twice and I was left feeling sick sore and swollen, which could have worked to my advantage had it actually stung my C**k.

I spent two very uncomfortable nights as the pain increased  but felt well enough to meet up with my daughter on Sunday, only to be stung by another bleeding wasp while we were sitting in a park.

This time it was my elbow, which has reacted even worse than the previous two.

It has swollen to twice its normal size from elbow to hand and is causing me immense grief. My arm looks like one of Popeye’s for those of you who remember that far back.

If not see photo below:


I then returned from the doctors to find that somewhere, someplace, out there I had lost both my mobile phone and wallet.

Someone up there is taking the piss … and I now understand the meaning of not knowing one’s Arse from one’s Elbow.

Get well cards, money transfers etc, can be sent by Email but please don’t expect a quick reply as I am typing the above rubbish one handed.

,,and sometimes it doesn’t…

Dear diablog,

Since posting this, Glynsky has been floundering! How does this work, why won’t that work, where’s the stuff gone, WTF is this stupid piece of electronic junk doing – what I need is



and in the nick of time one arrives!



Moments before, he was deep into one of Iren’s cups



but over the Skypewaves he heard the call to Glynsky’s side and with his usual glittering smile


he abandoned the wench to do battle with the Evil Computer Baron



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Edutainment – an ancient concept

Dear Reader,

In a recent comment, our beloved commentator Casper


made a wonderful compliment. Diablog inspired her to read, about Sisyphus in this case. What more could we ask for, than inspiring people? Casper, you made my Sunday. Thanks!

Quick question for our young readers: Aren’t the ancient myths part of the curriculum anymore?

Being a lucky guy, the books of ancient Greek mythology were part of my upbringing. Reading the Iliad and the Odyssey. Zeus and the Olympians, Pan and the nymphs, Apollo and Dionysus, plus the heroic sagas about Heracles, Achilles, Odysseus, Jason, Oedipus, Orpheus, etc. Thanks to the internet, now you can get most of it free here. I love it.

Equally, the Roman mythology was available to me. I have to say – sorry Glynsky – it was more or less a copy of the Greek work. There is even a term for this, Interpretatio Romana. But then, the Greek probably took a lot from the Egyptians.

Anyway, as Wikipedia puts it, Roman stories:

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Fixing video and audio

Dear Reader,

We play a lot of vids on diablog. And thanks to the content mafia and proprietary software companies it is quite troublesome.

Apple users cannot watch Flash files. Real Time Player and Windows Media Player do not comply with standards, and not all browsers are yet capable of playing HTML5 videos. That leaves us between a rock and a hard place. Just ask Glynsky, he is struggling with the issue constantly.

Until everyone has a browser, that supports and plays HTML5 vids, we try .mp4 files. At least Casper, Iren and Smiles can watch those without problems.

Now, for Glynsky and all others struggling, there is a wonderful website to convert files:

There you can convert pretty much any file into other formats. Whether it is an audio file, a video, an image, a document, ebooks, pretty much anything. I converted a flash vid into an .mp4 and it worked perfectly. So, next time someone cannot open a file of yours, send them there and have them convert it to what ever they can open.

And if I am totally bored at one point in my life, I might convert the ~400+ flash files on diablog for those Apple fan boys and fan girls. But don’t hold your breath.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


The Atlantik on Perfect Coffee

Dear Reader,

The Atlantic, one of the few publications I can recommend, has an article about “How to make a Perfect Coffee“. If you have been following diablog for a while, you know that for me the perfect coffee is an Espresso. And we wrote about coffee many times, the last post is here. Plus, our beloved commentator and favorite/only Norwegian, Iren


even makes a living with coffee.

So what is noteworthy about the article?

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