14 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. The world is not mad, only most of the people living on it.
    Have a good weekend, ER.
    Back to Vienna tomorrow. Sunday to Tashkent.

    1. Dear Smiles,
      I cannot talk about most people. since I don’t know that many.
      Glynsky for example is mad, but in a funny way.
      Soccer fans are mad, in a WTF way.
      Politicians are mad in a dangerous way. For example your PM and the POTUS need to be locked away.
      Starting the weekend now,

        1. Dear Iren,

          Thanks, I am glad you like it.
          Could you please kick Pete, nicely of course?
          He seems to have fallen back into hibernation.
          And you have a magic stick or somepfn.
          Thanks so much,

  2. Dear ER. Just to get the facts right. I am British born and proud to be British. I would never change my nationality. I am however a resident of Austria, so what do you have against the Austrian PM? If only, I could name him. Politics bores me.
    Dear Iren. I am pleased to be mad.

    1. Dear Smiles,
      Thanks for the reminder, but I am well aware of your facts.
      As well, that you pick and choose your loyalty by issue.

      Austria does not have a PM, they have a chancellor. Thus,
      it is quite obvious, who your (sic!) PM might be.

      BTW, beware, he is mad enough to secretly strip Brits
      of their citizenship. You might want to check from time
      to time, whether you still are British.


    2. I will do my very best, ER, I miss him too….AGAIN!
      What is he doing these days? Maybe you are right, maybe there is something called a summer depression. I did`nt hear about that in nursing school but then again…Maybe we don`t have it in Norway, summer is too short here :p

      Dear Pete!
      Please come out from wherever you are and entertain us with your lovely sence of humor, as you are surely missed here on the blog, at least by me.
      Life just isn`t the same without your point of view on everyday life, so please….Whatever you are going thru right now…..Snap out of it and come back :)
      This was the nice way…. Next time I will yell at you again!!!

      1. Dear Iren,

        Maybe Pete is getting a new boat?

        Wait, what? Dog owner? Coffee importer? And Nurse?
        Marry me.
        On the other hand, Norway? Nop, I’m not going there.
        Neither will I try to move a woman to a different place.
        That’s a job for Sisyphus.


        1. ER,

          I have had a chance to read about Sisyphus, how interesting.
          I learned something plus I get your joke now….

          Thank you xxx



    1. It feels like it sometimes. But, I have to admit, Glynsky makes progress. Don’t quote me on that one.

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