Dear diablog,

It is the weekend, well almost, and today is a kind of  ‘catch up’ to clear all the chaos in the International HQ created by the week’s endeavors so only really time for a couple of shorts (apt in the weather conditions) from Smiles


and Cousin Giovanni.


The first shows the vain attempt by Glynsky and Engine Room to capture Pete to write something – anything!

Whilst the second shows where Pete had rushed off to.

Yep, he’s old enough to have been there.

Yours, diablog, dreading filing


5 thoughts on “tgif…

  1. Hi both, well a hit at last! Glad you liked them and good to hear from you Iren.
    I am overwhelmed – well, preening!

  2. I think that I got a quick glimpse of Pete in the 2nd video but he was very very young. He was in the egg !!!!
    In sunny Vilnius. Tomorrow to Beijing as run out of green tea.

  3. Enjoy Beijing Smiles and bring me back some green tea as well.
    I have to cut down on the black coffee or I will end up like Glynsky.
    I am glad you liked me entertaining Reagan and I am currently awaiting instructions from Obama re starting another war in the Middle East.

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