Getty giving away oil?

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Mark Getty is credited with the quote “Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century”.

In the 20th century the Getty family made a fortune in oil. Today, Mark Getty – grandson of the founder of the oil company – is chairman of Getty Images.

For Mark Getty and his company, one of the largest suppliers of images for commercial use, the quote makes sense. The man must tell the world that he owns something of value. And he hopes, that we all believe him and pay for the use of photos, he holds rights to. If you are thinking of a church/religion business model right now, you are not far off.

Maybe a little sad for Mr. Getty, but to our advantage, The Getty, part of the J. Paul Getty Trust, started to publish its collection online. For free.

It must be a little bit tough for (not so) poor Mr. Getty seeing what he considers highly valuable stuff being “given away” for free. It is our luck, that the people running his grandfather’s foundation are a bit smarter.

Here is an image of the collection,

the “Young Italian Woman at the Table” by Paul Cézanne seems to be thinking. Something highly recommended by diablog.

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