Censorship and surveillance in the UK

Dear Reader,

Do you live in the UK? Are you a customer of or subscriber to the internet service provider TalkTalk?

Then you might want to change to another provider. Because your internet service is being censored. I was able to test TalkTalk remotely and found censorship under the fig leave of the infamous child protection filtering to be active.

In case your brain is on idle right now, let me help you.

In order for TalkTalk to “filter” your internet usage, they must be reading all of it. Naturally, they are also storing it. And as we know, your spy agency GCHQ cannot resist the urge to gather and spy on all data they can get their hands on. Your browsing history certainly is part of that. Needless to say, this is also forwarded to the American NSA.

And if you believe, that has no implications, because GCHQ and NSA are “the good guys” TM, then you might also believe in the fairy tales and the man in the moon.

In case you have the desperate urge to stay with the censor TalkTalk, then at least get and use a proxy or VPN.

Too bad, Brits, freedom of speech in the UK is dead. You are turning your country into an oppressive police state. Do you need further proof of that statement? Here it comes.

Anyone leaving your island by ferry, is not only required to provide a passport – which is checked against various databases on the spot. Also, the person has to provide her/his home address. Which again is checked against police databases. No registration / ID card in the UK? My ass. And who is doing the policing in this case? The ferry operator.

Sorry, Glynsky, your home country is just as crazy and bad as the USA.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

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  1. Am I supposed to read this?
    You lost me long before the end….
    I understand I am challenged when it comes to technology!

  2. Dearest Iren,

    It probably does not apply to you, since you are living outside the UK, and are not a TalkTalk customer.

    Back to Pete,

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