Bullshit Bingo in Papers

Dear Reader,

After reading an interview with a CEO of a big media company I felt like puking. It was nothing but a senseless collection of meaningless phrases. Here are two quotes:

“What we are planing is big. We are radically thinking content. Big, important sentence. Really.”

“I cannot rule out anything. Anything is possible. It might be warm on Christmas, who knows.

If you as an employee are lead by a bullshit artist like this, you have my pity. This person is taking bullshit bingo to Olympic levels.

You are familiar with Bullshit Bingo, aren’t you? It has been around since 1963. It was re-introduced 30 years later and made popular again by Dilbert.

For the benefit of our younger readers, who still have to prepare papers, here is a nice list of bullshit phrases, found on imgur.com:

essay-1o1Additions are welcome.

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  1. Dear Glynsky, Pete and ER.
    Has the diablog become a Monday to Friday, 9-5 job? Rarely do we see any new posts over the weekend or in the evening, except occassionally from ER, who obviously has a problem sleeping due to the enormous amounts of espresso which he consumes.
    Glynky and Pete are obviously enjoying their evening and weekends at their homes, drinking cocktails and having barbecues on their lawns.
    As a full time commentator, it is difficult to comment, when there is no new post.
    So, come on chaps, and post something new, for which we all thank you in advance.
    Even a boring ER post is better than none.

  2. ((Whispering) “Smiles, mention the pooches,Glynsky said he might do one about pooches, thank you :D”)



  3. Glynsky, what about the promised dogs? I have seen you with plenty of old dogs in your life.
    Write about the 4 legged ones !!!

  4. Dear Casper
    I remember that Glynsky used to have a dog and therefore he is obviously a dog lover, so we both hope that he will write his promised post on dogs.
    I will be home in Vilnius on Friday and will see my dog (Golden Retriever) again, but first to Bologna.
    Take care. Study hard.

  5. Hello Seamiles….!!!

    How have you been?
    Yes it will be lovely to see what ‘treats’ he has in store for us with the post to come.
    Awwww, I wish you many poochy kisses on Friday!… I am exited for you :)…
    As for studying, please wish me the opposite, as studying hard isn’t the problem.
    And ThankYou for your well wishes, as clockwork, many air hugs are sent by me by the second, enjoy them lol.

    Sleep Well



  6. Dear Smiles
    Glynsky and I are on a very strict Monday to Friday contract.
    We are not allowed to post over the weekend as overtime payments are always refused.
    Strictly speaking I should not actually be reading or writing this.

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