Bach will be back

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Pete and I are fans of Bach. It is part of my favorite Sunday morning music. And for most piano players Bach’s well-tempered clavier is part of the fundamental training. Mozart and Schumann studied and appreciated the collection. My all time favorite, Beethoven, is quoted:

“Whenever I get stuck while composing, I look at the well-tempered clavier, and immediately I have new ideas.”

So, pretty much every classical composer was inspired by it. Or stole from it, as the copyright idiots would say. Which gets us to the point of this post. Although written almost 300 years ago, the 48 pieces are still under copyright protection.

Sounds nuts? It is.

Robert Douglass of wants to change that. Here is the plan:

“We are creating a new digital score and studio recording of J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier (Book 1), and we’re placing them in the public domain for everyone to download, own, share, and use, without any limitations.”

You can support the project via the by now famous Kickstarter, here:

Please go and spend a buck or two or more. So Bach will be back and liberated.

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