rain stopped play 2…

Dear diablog,

In an earlier ‘rain stopped play’ post I spoke about the wet stuff kinda wrecking the Chelsea Autolegends this year.

Same goes for the Goodwood revival the following week – but how Engine Room would have enjoyed this one!!! Although most of the pics were taken before the cloudbursts there was still much to see, particularly his (still favourite) Cobras


and loads of other stuff where we were parked (there’s the Glynsky SS at 0800 on a leaden skyed day!)


but as usual the main stuff was happening all around

goodwood 2013 2

both off and on the track

goodwood 2013 1

despite the appalling conditions

goodwood 2013 3

(I had to show this Aston as it was being driven by Brian Redman Рan all time racing hero and particularly to me as he rescued one of my really good friends from an overturned burning Marcos. The poor bugger had 65% burns but luckily  his face was untouched thanks to the helmet. The petrol had seeped up into it but at the back and luckily his hair regrew).

Back to Goodwood and…

goodwood 2013 4

Ferraris, or for ER, a load of Cobras

goodwood 2013

or for the masses the kiddies race


But for me, diablog, the real star – one of my beloved Alfa GTA’s

goodwood 2013 8

which, as usual, slugged it out with the big boys – and overcame!

goodwood 2013 7

THAT, mes amis, is the real thing and what it is all about!

Nimble, fast and seriously sexy looking! Just like me!!

Oh, well, back to the girls – just before the monsoon

goodwood 2013 5

Yours, diablog, still reliving the pass on two Galaxies – literally in heaven


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