rain stopped play 1…

Dear diablog,

As Pete has already mentioned recently the rain over the past 10 days has been – rainy!

Unfortunately this has ruined two of the year’s best Classic Car meets – Chelsea and Goodwood Revival. Despite the adversity Glynsky (and in the case of the former, Engine Room, that’s a first!) was there.

Chelsea, though for political reasons smaller than in previous years, still managed to be low key and friendly fun with the unveiling of the latest addition to the Glynsky stables


parked, of course, next to a Ferrari!

Complete with picnic basket on the back it drew an amazing amount of attention. I find it weird that even though they made 6 million of them, Fiat 500’s (as in the old ones) still attract everyone – and particularly women. Pete, a tip for your leering accessories!

And for Engine Room, his beloved Cobras (wait til he sees how many at Goodwood) and E types


though lots of other ‘stuff’…

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Only In America


Earlier this year, Stevie Wonder suggested a novel idea for demonstrating the problem with US gun laws. He was going to try to buy a weapon. “Imagine me with a gun,” said the singer, who has been blind since shortly after birth. “It’s just crazy.”

Not everyone would agree. Over the weekend, the Des Moines Register, an Iowa newspaper, announced  that the state has been granting gun permits to people who are legally or completely blind. In one county, officials say they have granted gun permits to at least three people whose visual impairments are such that they can’t legally drive.

This apparently doesn’t contradict the US federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which prohibits drug addicts and those who have spent more than a year behind bars from possessing firearms, but not those who can’t see. Continue reading



Dear Reader,

The relationship with my neighbors is a special one. Just read this, in case you have not yet.

Upon return from a recent trip I discovered, we have a new neighbor. And the guy tweets.

No, he is not singing or whistling. He blasts out to the world what he is thinking or doing. Usually in 140 characters or less. You know, the all important stuff like:

“Boy, am I hungry.” Or: “This pizza is delicious.” Or: “I feel like doing nothing today.”

Now, I am all for freedom of expression, communicating what is important, etc. But there is a tiny, little problem here:

The guy does not have internet.

He is doing what you could call analog twitter. Just yelling at himself. And his neighbors.

Among all the mindless stuff he blasts out is the rare pearl. Just like on twitter. Here is an example:

“Get chickens instead of dogs.”

Imagine that, the streets full of eggs instead of – you know what. It would be like Easter all year long. And we could solve some hunger problems.

On the other hand, Glynsky knows someone, who keeps chickens as pets. And those are known as “too posh to push”. So, maybe it isn’t such a great idea after all.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


A Lidl Of What You Fancy…

I have no idea if our millions of Diablog readers have shopped at, or even heard of Lidl supermarkets. If you have, you may well identify with the video starring one of the many ex fiancees of my esteemed colleague Glynsky. Please feel free to ask him any questions you may wish on their relationship.


Lidl perhaps has an undeserved reputation for being cheap and nasty and if you read some of the jokes shown below you will see that I have done nothing to improve their public image.

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Censorship and surveillance in the UK

Dear Reader,

Do you live in the UK? Are you a customer of or subscriber to the internet service provider TalkTalk?

Then you might want to change to another provider. Because your internet service is being censored. I was able to test TalkTalk remotely and found censorship under the fig leave of the infamous child protection filtering to be active.

In case your brain is on idle right now, let me help you.

In order for TalkTalk to “filter” your internet usage, they must be reading all of it. Naturally, they are also storing it. And as we know, your spy agency GCHQ cannot resist the urge to gather and spy on all data they can get their hands on. Your browsing history certainly is part of that. Needless to say, this is also forwarded to the American NSA.

And if you believe, that has no implications, because GCHQ and NSA are “the good guys” TM, then you might also believe in the fairy tales and the man in the moon.

In case you have the desperate urge to stay with the censor TalkTalk, then at least get and use a proxy or VPN.

Too bad, Brits, freedom of speech in the UK is dead. You are turning your country into an oppressive police state. Do you need further proof of that statement? Here it comes.

Anyone leaving your island by ferry, is not only required to provide a passport – which is checked against various databases on the spot. Also, the person has to provide her/his home address. Which again is checked against police databases. No registration / ID card in the UK? My ass. And who is doing the policing in this case? The ferry operator.

Sorry, Glynsky, your home country is just as crazy and bad as the USA.

Stay sane,

Engine Room


Getty giving away oil?

Dear Reader,

Mark Getty is credited with the quote “Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century”.

In the 20th century the Getty family made a fortune in oil. Today, Mark Getty – grandson of the founder of the oil company – is chairman of Getty Images.

For Mark Getty and his company, one of the largest suppliers of images for commercial use, the quote makes sense. The man must tell the world that he owns something of value. And he hopes, that we all believe him and pay for the use of photos, he holds rights to. If you are thinking of a church/religion business model right now, you are not far off.

Maybe a little sad for Mr. Getty, but to our advantage, The Getty, part of the J. Paul Getty Trust, started to publish its collection online. For free.

It must be a little bit tough for (not so) poor Mr. Getty seeing what he considers highly valuable stuff being “given away” for free. It is our luck, that the people running his grandfather’s foundation are a bit smarter.

Here is an image of the collection,

the “Young Italian Woman at the Table” by Paul Cézanne seems to be thinking. Something highly recommended by diablog.

Stay sane,

Engine Room