Help settling a bet?

Dear Reader,

May I kindly ask our British readers for help in settling a bet?

As a regular reader you know, I smoke. And that includes cigars. As tough as it is to find a smoke friendly spot in NY, the always helpfulĀ Yelp lists some 270 cigar bars and lounges here. One of my favorites is Club Macanudo.

Now, a friend claimed, the English would not be smoking much anymore. And certainly not cigars. I did not believe it and we made a bet.

My search on Yelp London revealed just about 70 cigar bars and lounges. Being English, my non-smoking friend was not convinced. Thus, I would like to ask you – except for Smiles – whether or not Brits still smoke cigars.

Do Brits frequent those cigar places? Or are they all dying or dead? Do you go to cigar places? Or do you know people who go?

Please let me know in comments. Thank you very much in advance.

Cigar and Brandy in hand,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Help settling a bet?

  1. Dear ER. I was not asked to comment but I will.
    I cannot answer for London or the UK as I have not lived there for nearly 30 years.
    In Tbilisi there is a thriving and growing cigar culture and also numerous whisky bars, where excellent single malts can be enjoyed.
    I keep telling everybody about Georgia being our type of place. Excellent food and wine, and unbelievably friendly people.
    Next meeting in Tbilisi as Spain seems to have got lost from the diablog calendar.

  2. As usual, the British are very apathetic or just do not give a shit. One of the reasons for moving nearly 30 years ago and I believe that they have got worse.
    Now come on chaps, help our poor ER in distress and be so kind to answer his question.

  3. I would love to help but despite living close to London I have no idea to the answer to his question.
    I don’t frequent such places and can’t think of anyone who does.

  4. Thanks Pete and I am sure that ER will contact you when he needs help on Gin Palaces and Crack Houses.
    Only Glynsky to reply.

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