hypocrisy rules whilst others remember…

Dear diablog,

It grieves me that I have just read about a life sentence ‘awarded’ to a Royal Marine – and on today of all days. For once the Grauniad has got a bit of balance, but only a little bit.

Frankly I am astounded. Spare me the bleeding heart righteousness. This is a job from which I think I would shrink.

Wake up justice – you are being led by the nose.

Despite the hypocritical and amazingly self-centred assertion by some that no soldier fights for them I join the millions in their thanks for the ultimate sacrifice made by those who believed which is summed up by a haunting refrain (despite the author misspelling the opening word)





May you all rest in peace, and forever be remembered.


12 thoughts on “hypocrisy rules whilst others remember…

  1. In the future they will be studying how in ‘the past'(us) people where so eager to remember the past people, who have died and no longer need help, instead of helping people who are falling in the battle of society to stay afloat, and will eventually die still in battle to keep their hearts alive.

    Just because someone fought with machinery doesn’t mean that they deserve more recognition than some who fought with ideology. We should remember ALL that lived at that time, as they too faced hardship and they too did something for humanity, even if it was just being part of it.

    Same as now!

    This is why I don’t get people when they say they care… I personally think it is sad that all that happened but I am not emotionally charged either as I know, if I truly wanted to feel for something I can’t change, it’s best I start with something I can, and that is now.



  2. P.s-those poppies are hideous, I will never buy one or wear one. I would rather pay them not to give me one.




  3. “For four years, there were whole square miles of land where murder was obligatory, while it was strictly forbidden half an hour away.
    Did I say: murder? Of course murder. Soldiers are murderers.”

    Kurt Tucholsky

  4. Holy Moly! Again.

    Goddamit ER, you knew I would google that!, I will finish reading before bed, but I get the idea. So to my reply…

    “You are a melon”



  5. A good post Glynsky. I wear my poppy with pride.
    I arrived in Mumbai last night, had 5 hours sleep and ready for domestic flight to Indore.
    Take care all of you.

  6. According to the trial the marine was guilty of cold blooded murder.
    Obviously the fact that he was a soldier make this ok in your eyes.
    I thought that our standards (and even yours ) were higher than that.

  7. Yeah yeah, all of this is very important, but let me ask you this…

    Have you ever seen a moody tiny man walking a tiny dog?

    Well, I just did!!!!… and can’t see how life could get any better!!! I might go as far as to say that it beats last months – guide dog getting aroused while his owner petted him-

    I had typed into google pictures’chubby baby with dog’, and well this is pretty close, plus he was moody, hehe.

    Anyway, while I am here, I would just like to say what amazing guys you all are and how proud I am to know you, I feel as proud as when I logically guess someones last word in a sentence.. It is one of the greatest feelings ever.

    Thanks guys :) x



  8. I listened to the tape on the radio. Sounds callous and matter of fact, but I’ve never experienced the situations these guys are put in. We are meant to be hollier than thou and the Genevre convention was designed to us give standards (tell that to the Talliban), but I still find myself feeling that this sentence is harsh. We can’t attribute civil law to a war zone without contension. You can’t make war without killing people and in this case they are mostly protecting themselves from murder. I always buy a poppy too. I’m no war munger, but not a passivist either. Whether this war is right or wrong is not the issue Casper, they are there doing a job they were sent to do by those who judge them.

  9. Thank you Casper, Pete and Phil for the comments.
    Wow Casper, that’s a lot to get a handle on! I think Phil tried but I am not sure it is the answer you wanted. However, you care so keep on. Priorities rule.
    Pete, I acknowledge that maybe my reaction may have been ill considered in haste – though how I (or you for that matter) would behave under similar circumstances is difficult to quantify.
    Phil, an attempt at undoing the conundrum. I share your difficulties.
    Thanks Smiles, look after yourself too.

  10. Phill-adelphia you cheesey delight, nice to finally get acquainted, you must have mis-understood me, wars I have no energy for, neither do I have energy for controversial matters.
    By energy, I mean wasting time having an opinion on it.
    I was just stating that remembering only soldiers’ is slightly blindsighted.
    Most people are accustomed to ‘following’ traditions that they neither care for/understand nor know about because it makes them look good and they feel part of something.
    People seem to be buying poppies as they do valentines cards, as if this one day means they care.

    As for wars going on now, I couldn’t care any less.

    As for that marine. As the great t.v advert for ‘country life butter’ reminds us “it’s their career choice”, if they can’t ‘handle’ the pressure. Change jobs.
    So no sympathy here.



    P.s Hey Glynnnnnnnny!!!

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