40 Years ago

Dear Reader,

As to not bore you to death, I keep my writing about the US American “We spy on Everyone” scandal to a minimum. Following you will find two short notices.

Reportedly, the NSA broke into 50,000 computer networks and infected them with spyware.

By its own laws the USA through its agency committed crimes, acts of computer terrorism, acts of war, that according to the US government justify retaliation with conventional weapons.


In somewhat related news I found the following gem:

40 years ago, two journalists showed the world that the president of the most powerful nation used the Secret Services to wiretap his political opponents. This investigative work granted them the Pulitzer Prize and led to the resignation of the president.

Today, actors empowered by the digital culture show to the world that the president of the same nation wiretaps the whole world. He sends soldiers to cynically kill civilians. Another Pulitzer Prize? No, 35 years in prison for one and a hunt across the world for the other. The president in question, on the contrary, holds a Nobel Peace Prize.

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