this is nuts…

Dear diablog,


who appears to want to double as our cultural attachĂ© sends us some amazing pics of the achievements of a man from Australia – and in a wheelchair! The Spanner Man, from Boort, Victoria.


Using, of all things, old spanners


which he turns into brilliant sculptures and garden furniture








So that’s where all my old BSF ones have gone!

A superb idea and talent from someone with a disability. Chapeau from us.

Yours, diablog, searching for a clé anglaise,


14 thoughts on “this is nuts…

  1. Are you sure this is from Erika? I sent you this and the last posting you put up from her, so I just wandered if your marbles were rolling a little lately!
    No issue, she may well have got hold of them too.
    Have you ever been so artistic with your spanners?

  2. Dear Glynsky
    A really interesting post and he is obviously a man with great talent and imagination.

    I was thinking of commissioning him to make a life size Glynsky for my garden but I fear that it would scare the birds away and bring too much shade.

  3. Hi Philippa, I am sure that I didn’t get this from you, though my ‘in tray’ overfloweth and one never knows.
    Please don’t take offence, I rarely know what I am doing!

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