UK censorship at work

Dear Reader,

This post is for all those with “nothing to hide” and “we need censorship”. Yes, Glynsky, I am looking at you.

English friends of mine were in the process of making reservations for holiday dinners. And someone suggested a restaurant called “London Street Brasserie“. When they wanted to visit the website, this is what they got:


Not knowing what that is – David Cameron’s fantastic censorship program – they called me. I almost fell off my chair laughing.

Either the British authority does not want restaurants to do business online, since they are serving “alcohol”. Yes, very scary.

Or the stupid Brits don’t even know the difference between “Brasserie“, a French kind of restaurant or a brewery, and “Brassiere“, a type of bra. Then the website is censored for “pornography”. Yes, looking at bras should be censored, that is even scarier than alcohol.

Either way, this is the perfect example, why censorship fails. Always. All the time. Remember when the UK government said: We will only censor bad sites?

I feel sorry for the restaurant owners. And you, Glynsky, owe me an explanation.

Why is censorship needed again? How does your brilliant government never fail in censoring the bad sites?

By the way, only a few days ago your brilliant PM announced to have “extremist websites” censored too. I guess in the near future you will not see anything from the opposition online anymore.

Stay amused,

Engine Room

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