Glynsky’s Christmas

Dear Reader,

First pictures of Glynsky at the Christmas Day table have arrived and have gone viral. It seems he is well on his way to become an internet celebrity.

Here is one shot from an unknown paparazzi:

Happy holidays,

Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Glynsky’s Christmas

  1. ER, My Dearest… awwww ….

    I think you have mis-understood ‘Funny’ the same way a friend of mine did in class about a ‘Vaselined hand in a glove’ while studying a text.

    I am more laughing at the idea of you laughing at this; thinking it is funny. Your mind is so beautiful. You have me giggling.

    … anyway about the ‘vaselined …’. My friend thought it was so that the man had a soft hand to beat his wife with. It never crossed his mind that he kept that hand vaselined so that it was soft for her. I still find this hilarious as I do your jokes. You are my ZuperStar!
    (In no way am I saying you are violent)


    (the text is of; Of Mice and Men – referring to Curley’s glove)


  2. Supposedly someone overheard Mrs. Glynskette addressing our Saint:

    “In this house, the only thing you ever clean up is your browser history!”

    Awaiting confirmation,

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