New Year Revolution

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2013 has been a bit of a joke at times, and I am not totally sorry to see the back of it.

As I write the wind is gaining strength and the rain is lashing down and tonight, on New Years Eve, I have the prospect of dining with Glynsky and Doctor Death the dentist.

As the well known song and perennial diablog anthem says, ‘ Things can only get bitter ‘

In the meantime I will end the year with a joke about a psychoanalyst. For your information I happen to live with one, and the trouble is one can never get away with anything without her finding out.

Therefore in order to keep out of trouble I will continue to remain perfect. So there you have it. That’s my new year resolution, or is it?

I would be most interested to know what yours may be.


120109_cn-cheer-up_p465 2In the meantime here is that ‘joke’

A psychoanalyst shows a patient a picture of a large Inkblot and asks him what he sees..  The patient says “A man and a woman making love’

The psychoanalyst shows him a second Inkblot , and the patient says ‘That’s also a man and woman making love’

The psychoanalyst says ‘ You are obsessed with sex.’

The patient replies ‘ What do you mean I am am obsessed? You are the one with the dirty pictures ‘