sometimes, pete, you worry me…

Dear Diablog,

Sometimes I am in awe of the three ladies who supply, between them, so much in the way of ideas and content for my fumblingly amateur posts on G+P.

Two of them, luckily for me, regularly park their pretty backsides in the International HQ – to you Philippa and Christina a very Happy Christmas. Erika has moved to France but I’ll be with her in May and there are long and caring phone calls so what the heck – Happy Christmas to you too.

As you all know, Christinachristina

is somewhat besotted by Pete (as it would appear are several of our other female readers – why?) and often feels hurt by the way he turns to half set fudge every time he meets the Scary Solicitor (who, were he to think clearly, would eat him for a snack and spit the remains into a trash can).

She is so concerned about his obsessions she has asked that we set him an appreciation test:

Do you know how to correctly and safely hold on in a fast moving train?


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and so to bed…

Dear diablog,

At last, you exclaim with relief, it is the end of the amazing Glynsky AdventMusikFest.

How have you put up with all this for so long? For my part I have had a load of fun searching for obscure stuff and finish with a visit to Israel (!!) and the UK.

As usual this is a bit eclectic, but then when was I never so!

A one hit wonder for Esther and Abi if ever there was one, but half the reason for its inclusion was the views of 1960’s London and (for Inverness Druid) period cars – even an Austin 1100!

Oh go on, finish with torture for Engine Room…

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Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika


I was surprised to say the least that we had not been treated to a Glynsky on the subject on the recent death of Mandela.

I happened to be in South Africa at the time during the apartheid era and remember all to clearly the ‘whites only’ buses, benches, beaches etc.


The white beaches had shark nets the others did not.Perhaps it was one of their many ways of trying to keep the black and ‘coloured’ population down.We see suppression in many countries in the world but South Africa was unique in the sense of a minority suppressing a majority. Continue reading “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika”

Top Ten Or Not??

At this time of year it is customary to get lists of “the best of’ for 2013

Do not confuseĀ  ‘ the best of ‘ with Glynsky’s choice of Christmas Cheer Muzak which has the unique ability to depress a national lottery winner.

The list I have shown below is for top ten jokes. (allegedly…)

Some are amusing some are not.

I will leave it to our ever increasing Diablog readership to decide.

.Women Live Longer



10. ‘A man walks into a bar with a roll of tarmac under his arm and says: “Pint please, and one for the road.

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’twas on a sunny sunday morn 2…

Dear diablog,

At part 1 Inverness Druid said ‘how nice to see ordinary cars amongst the exotica’.

In truth there is little ordinary about this lot at the December 96 club Sunday meet. So many turned up I am having to spread it over a few weeks or you would all get bored – though I never am with this stuff!

First a beautiful Bristol





with the engine still bearing all the hall marks of the BMW…

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including italy (sort of) and pakistan (kinda)…

Dear diablog,

To continue with the AdventMusikFest we now turn to Italy and Pakistan which are extraordinarily linked in one place by two stars (though one was quintessentially English)

from the film ‘The Millionairess’ and it being nearly Christmas, a couple of extra clips just for Casper


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