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Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles is begging forgiveness. And we are nice here at diablog.

Thus, before he makes the tiny mistake of booking himself and Mrs. Smiles a trip to Bermuda, let’s tell him about the beaches around his first stop, NY.

Pretty much everyone has heard of Coney Island, the local beach in Brooklyn.

Naturally, that close to a few million people, Cony Island, Brighton Beach:

and Manhattan Beach

can be quite crowded in July, when Smiles gets here. The picture directly above is from October,

Some people go to New Jersey, aka Nu Joisy. You might have heard of Jersey Shore, a low life TV show. Say hello to Snookie and Jwow. Tourists going there also fly out of Newark, rather then JFK. They eat pizza with fork and knife. In other words, that is a no-no for New Yorkers.

So, where do we go?

If you come to NY, you cannot miss Long Island, just look outside the airplane window. And The Rockaways there are quite popular. It is a subway ride, take the A train, and you are right there. Others like Jones Beach.

But for Smiles we have something much better.

According to the National Geographic we have the 4th most beautiful beach in the world. Yep, eat this Hawaii (5th + 10th), The Hamptons are ahead of you. And you, Bostonians, with your Nantucket (6th) and Cape Cod (not even on the list!), can kiss my ass. I said kiss, not kick. And what about Smiles’ preferred beach destination, Bermuda? Lemme check. Nope. Not even on the list.

Anyway, The Hamptons this is where the rich and famous have their weekend homes. Shut up, Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard did not make the list either. To The Hamptons NYers go for the summer. Poor bastards like me go by bus or train (LIRR), some people go by car (enjoy the traffic jam) and the rich or lucky ones go by helicopter.

East Hampton and Sounthampton, that’s where Smiles should go. Or to Fire Island – no smoking at the beach, Smiles – or Shelter Island. Both equally beautiful, yet less snobby and expensive. Since Smiles seems to be on a “I-need-to-get-that-cheap-trip”.

Waiting for Spring,

Engine Room

13 thoughts on “Beaches around NY

  1. I happen to know that Smiles does nothing on the cheap.
    His budget depends entirely on which of his women make the trip.
    My particular favourite that failed to make the list is Martha’s Vineyard which just goes to prove the danger of ‘lists’
    Good article though..

  2. Pfft, he refuses to even consider any hotel, that does not offer the room for free. How much cheaper can it get?

    The list is about the beaches only, not the whole setting/area.


  3. Dear ER. I must get some advantage for all of the nights and weekends which I spend away from my family and friends. I use ALL of my air miles and hotel loyalty points.
    Dear Pete. Those were the days. Today only Mrs Smiles !!

  4. Personally, I always liked Venice beach at Santa Monica, it’s a bit like the people I know and love, not quite the full shilling. The broadwalk is full of the weirdest people, ‘only in America’.

  5. As far as I know, Santa Monica is in bloody California and I am looking for a beach near to NYC !!!
    It will be Bermuda !!!! Only just over 2 hours flight from NYC and I need some new shorts !!
    I love it hot, humid and steamy !!!

  6. I am a little bit calmed by a little bit of research on B-triangle. I will get my true facts through your return/no return. “Taking one for the team” as they say.
    Just in case though, urm, you are lovely, and you would be missed, this applies for everything actually x hugs x



  7. Smiles in Bermuda shorts, not a pretty sight.
    Enjoy the sun, I shall be heading south next friday to escape the Scottish winter.

  8. I have been thinking of moving to the warm location of the tribe where they chill with their willies out….
    I reckon in life sometimes you are lucky to know what your calling is – I know mine.

    Get those juicy legs out Smiles.



  9. Dear Casper
    As today is the last day of the Football Transfer Window, we are transferring Pete to your warmer location as in a previous post/comments, we established that Pete likes to hang out and to the left.
    Leaving Tashkent for much colder Moscow then on to Vienna. Monday back to Moscow.

  10. Dear Casper. Thanks but fortunately I do not need to go outside in Moscow, just changing planes. Now in lounge, enjoying tea and catching up with news. Anyway, not so cold, only minus 15. Will be back in Moscow Monday afternoon and then I will have to go outside. I must not forget to wear my woollen Willy Warmer, which was knitted by women for us troops overseas.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Hello Smiles,

    Lol, ‘woollen willy warmer’ – classic. It though reminded me of those knitted innocent smoothie hats they did for charity, very cute.
    Your warm tea was very relaxing to hear about, I don’t know why but you sound so relaxed and at ease, it is beaut!
    I don’t want you to go out, but if I was with you a definite dare would be a must.
    Thank You, and you too.



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