Security Esoterics – gett off my lawn

Dear Reader,

Do you believe in astrology? Or creationismintelligent design, or any other pseudo-science?

Then ignore this post. It will upset you.

The believers in this mumbo-jumbo have something in common with the security obsessed of today. They are using the same techniques. What are those?

Individual events serve as justification.
Studies on the non-effectiveness are ignored.
The discussion about single events replaces the discussion of the general sense and purpose.
Religiously, the need for more security is repeated.
Tautological reasoning loops are used.
Critics are vilified.

All the government spying, all the TSA airport theater has not protected us against one single act of terrorism or any major crime. But we still need them. Because “Security”.

The scanners at ports inspecting containers are proven to not work. “But we are still better off having them, than without.” Wait, what?

Biometric passports and no-fly lists have been proven to be utterly useless. But we still need them. Because “Security”.

What the alphabet soup of secret agencies does, is a secret, and the secret courts in secret proceedings allowed them to do what ever they want. Why? It’s a secret. And if you want to make them tell, if you want transparency, then you are “endangering lifes and protecting the enemy.” How? That’s a secret too.

And if you are against all this humbug, then you are supporting the terrorists, which makes you a terrorist.

Common sense tells us, life is not a bed of roses. It can’t be child-proofed.

There is no such thing as 100% security. A totally secured house has neither doors, nor windows. Which makes it unusable. And the same is true for any other system.

Dear Security Esoterics, unless you have scientific proof, that your program works, and that it has a positive results-to-cost ratio, and that is does not make the whole system useless, get the fuck out.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

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