TSA rearming Germans?

Dear Reader,

Whenever one hears about weapons fanatics, one immediately thinks of the US. But this month the German authorities even had to call the bomb squad to empty a house of a lunatic. Reportedly he had not only dozens of guns and pistols in his cellar, but also live grenades.

And how did they find the guy? Customs officials at a German airport found a package containing two live grenades. The guy had ordered those from the USA.

Let me repeat and emphasize that, live grenades were sent via airmail from the USA to Germany.

Now, I have made fun of the Transport Security Agency (TSA) on diablog before, for example here. But this tops everything so far.

I have to ask you, TSA, you do not allow me to have a Zippo lighter on me, or a mini Swiss army knife on my key chain, or more than 100 ml of liquid in my carry-on. And the liquid has to be in a special plastic bag. But flying live grenades around the globe is OK? I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that, right?

You are the highly trained security professionals, who confiscate water bottles, toys, and turtles. But you fail to find explosive material in a regular package going into a plane? Explosives, which can be spotted by normal customs officials? Or any dimwit for that matter?

I am really glad you make all of us take off our shoes.

Engine Room


Dear diablog,

We try hard at diablog not to be morbid and Engine Room has already, this week, noted one death.

However the British music scene also, this week, lost a lost soul with a great voice –  Duffy Power.

If you appreciate the, excuse the pun, power in Tom Jones’ voice then Duffy was the man for you. He progressed (thanks to a long collaboration with Alexis Korner of whom more at a later date) from pop to serious blues performances and much of his music is now seriously collectable.

The signs were already there with his magnificent…

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sushi with mussels…

Dear diablog,

Everyone knows that Christinachristina

has always attempted to tame Pete’s muscle – usually to her intense dissatisfaction!

She has, however, found an alternative in this regard and sent me this amazing clip. Despite the ‘act’ possibly being a one trick pony, a physio has described it to me as ‘incomprehensibly amazing’.

Be prepared to be stunned and wait for the end:

That I could even think of doing this!

Yours, diablog, with tears in the eyes


Toga, toga, toga, …

Dear Reader,

Do you remember Shout? Yes, this one:

This is of course from the legendary movie Animal House. It was co-written by Harold Ramis, who passed away today.

We have to say good-bye to a brilliant writer, actor, producer and director. Besides Animal House we owe him thanks for movies like


(30! years ago)


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so here it is…..

Dear diablog,

According to the infallible Engine Room Organisation for the Dissemination of Statistical Information Beaureau –

This is G+P’s official





Well done us! Congrats! Brill!

As Pete is now a) old and b) acting like a wood(en)pecker we publish this version for him.

Now is the winter of our discontent –



Well done us,


Gold for Venezuela, Silver for Turkey

Dear Reader,

It has been a while since we honored someone with our Idiot of the Day medal. Today we have two contenders.

First place goes to the President of Venzuela, Mr. Nicolas Maduro for being stupid enough to shut down the internet.

What was the lesson of the last four years? What did we learn from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya? What is the immediate reaction to an internet shutdown? Correct, this:

What a moron does one have to be, to repeat this mistake?

The winner of the silver medal seems to be on his way to do the same.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Erdogan introduced a new law, giving the government power over the judiciary system. Through friends I know, that the Turkish judiciary system – unlike let’s say the police – was free of corruption and political influence. Making it a corner stone of the Turkish republic. Thanks to Mr. Erdogan, this isn’t the case anymore.

And earlier this month Erdogan increased internet censorship in Turkey through an updated law. It makes censorship worse, since it tries to hide it. Thus, people will not see anymore, what has been censored.

To members of government: repeating an action and expecting a different reaction, is a clear sign of stupidity. Which in itself makes you unfit to govern.

And to our readers: please, inform yourself about ways to keep the internet up and uncensored. And remember all this during the next election.

Stay free,

Engine Room

Bucket-List: Fashion shooting

Dear Reader,

While our beloved Inverness Druid is reminiscing about the Jewish tailors of the London East End here, I had the pleasure to observe another fashion shooting not too long ago. Usually I only see models on the street, as I wrote here, or in bars. This time I was at a bikini shooting.

There are a couple of things, one should have seen in life. Because they are eye-opening.

How a TV program is produced, how a big screen movie is made, and how advertising ads and commercials are produced. Pictures and movies and ads/commercials are around us all the time. They have an impact on our life, and our views. Also, it is entertaining and quite a show.

You will see quickly for example, there are as many useless people standing around as on any road construction site. And the few people working are the nice ones, usually. You can ignore the “hot shots” just standing around, being “all important”. You can identify them by the smartphone at their ears and arrogant behavior.

Along you will pick up a lot of tricks, whether it is in photography, styling, set design/furnishing, makeup, etc. You will learn also, how little the images around us are in line with reality. As an example, the models were less than attractive.

Here now is the music to go with this, David Bowie – Fashion:

“We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town …”

Stay curious,

Engine Room