morrie the underpresser…

Dear diablog,

There are some aspects of Jewish humour that can appeal to anyone of any faith – and this I think is one! The title is from a famous joke and this will join it.

I have no idea what a Talmudic student is (probably luckily) and am sometimes fooled by suit material being very dark blue or black, but this delightful clip is from a Jewish Film Festival in LA but I think shot in New York.


Yours, diablog, without a prayer


8 thoughts on “morrie the underpresser…

  1. Ah the demise of the Jewish tailor. Where did they all go, just retired and sons not wanting to go into tailoring.
    I remember the fantastic blue tonic mohair suit I had for my first wedding, going in for fittings to make sure it fitted like a glove.
    Those were the days when the east side of London was very Jewish, not any more.

  2. Some sectors were Jewish. Hackney still is.
    However, there used to be east enders in the east end – mostly indiginous English (at least several generations established)!
    They’ve all disappeared, pushed out by the latest imigration wave and it now has a new occupancy of Indians & Muslims. No intergration there then! Sharia law next.
    Smiles would be at home (only cause he seems to be in India alot – not that I know he / she is Indian or anything else).

    1. Dear Phillipa,

      Diversity means survival, mono-culture means extinction. Mostly, the children of immigrants start assimilation. In some cases it takes more than one generation. But eventually it happens. Aren’t the many immigrant groups like Angles (sic!), Saxons, Vikings, Danes, French, Italians, etc. living proof?

  3. Dear Philippa
    I am not n India a lot, maye only 3 or 4 times per year:-)
    The reason for my visits there, is that our Company has 2 Production Plants there and I sell their machines in my territory.
    I am definitely not Indian or anythng else. Born in Essex of London Dad and Welsh mother. I can proudly say that I am European as British Passport Holder (I liked the blue ones better), work in Vienna for an Italian Company, live in Vienna and Vilnius, multilingual unlike most British.

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