Gold for Venezuela, Silver for Turkey

Dear Reader,

It has been a while since we honored someone with our Idiot of the Day medal. Today we have two contenders.

First place goes to the President of Venzuela, Mr. Nicolas Maduro for being stupid enough to shut down the internet.

What was the lesson of the last four years? What did we learn from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya? What is the immediate reaction to an internet shutdown? Correct, this:

What a moron does one have to be, to repeat this mistake?

The winner of the silver medal seems to be on his way to do the same.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Erdogan introduced a new law, giving the government power over the judiciary system. Through friends I know, that the Turkish judiciary system – unlike let’s say the police – was free of corruption and political influence. Making it a corner stone of the Turkish republic. Thanks to Mr. Erdogan, this isn’t the case anymore.

And earlier this month Erdogan increased internet censorship in Turkey through an updated law. It makes censorship worse, since it tries to hide it. Thus, people will not see anymore, what has been censored.

To members of government: repeating an action and expecting a different reaction, is a clear sign of stupidity. Which in itself makes you unfit to govern.

And to our readers: please, inform yourself about ways to keep the internet up and uncensored. And remember all this during the next election.

Stay free,

Engine Room

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