Toga, toga, toga, …

Dear Reader,

Do you remember Shout? Yes, this one:

This is of course from the legendary movie Animal House. It was co-written by Harold Ramis, who passed away today.

We have to say good-bye to a brilliant writer, actor, producer and director. Besides Animal House we owe him thanks for movies like


(30! years ago)


Groundhog Day

“Analyze That” and many more. If you have not seen those movies please do. They are among the very best comedies.

Harold liked to work with great people, like Bill Murry, John Belushi, Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd, and many more. Few people in the movie business gave us so many hours full of laughter and fun.

Shouldn’t we have a Toga party in memory of Harold?

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8 thoughts on “Toga, toga, toga, …

  1. Not making light of the situation, butttt that is second death in a small space of time of the age of 69 that I have read about.



  2. I kinda remember being at a toga party. Pissed and floating face down in the pool, to be yanked out spluttering.
    And I was certainly not 69!!

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