sushi with mussels…

Dear diablog,

Everyone knows that Christinachristina

has always attempted to tame Pete’s muscle – usually to her intense dissatisfaction!

She has, however, found an alternative in this regard and sent me this amazing clip. Despite the ‘act’ possibly being a one trick pony, a physio has described it to me as ‘incomprehensibly amazing’.

Be prepared to be stunned and wait for the end:

That I could even think of doing this!

Yours, diablog, with tears in the eyes


11 thoughts on “sushi with mussels…

  1. The day has come when I Casper finally found a chocolate button in my pocket. My day begins awesomely…. I betcha well jel. Didn’t eat it though.



  2. Whoooaaah, chocolate buttons!! In pockets?? What you been up to Caspie?
    Peanut smuggling? Artichoke wrestling? Sloth racing?
    Nah, chocky in pocky.
    Do you know how to live.
    I am on the edge of my chair with excitement – probly cos the legs broken.

    1. “That’s what am talking about Willis!”

      I too was shocked and disgusted at the revelation, but then I chilled and realised YOLO.
      Lol to sloth racing.

      Oh no… Are you in pain?
      I wish you are high on meds hense your exitement, you rebel!!

      I wish you a very speedy recovery. And I send hugs x



  3. Dear Glynsky
    Sorry to hear about your broken leg. I hope that you will not be on crutches for too long.
    Off to Bucharest to send you some more Romanians :-)

  4. I am so focused like a potato
    I bet u don’t understand my lingo!


    I am rocking this life like it was my last!

    Wishing you all a Merry noon/eve…




  5. A rockin’ life is what its all about. Rock on Caspie!
    By the way, the leg is broke on the chair not me – Smiles is being a bit left field. Maybe left in a field.

    1. Hey Glynskie,

      With that nickname I will be growing up faster… Lol

      I thought so much! I am glad you are not hurt.

      My rockin is up and down at the moment, I will get a handle on things soon enough.



  6. Dear Glynsky
    Thanks for the clarification. For a millisecond I was worried about you.
    Flying into London City tomorrow. I will wave out of the window.

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