Dear diablog,

We try hard at diablog not to be morbid and Engine Room has already, this week, noted one death.

However the British music scene also, this week, lost a lost soul with a great voice –  Duffy Power.

If you appreciate the, excuse the pun, power in Tom Jones’ voice then Duffy was the man for you. He progressed (thanks to a long collaboration with Alexis Korner of whom more at a later date) from pop to serious blues performances and much of his music is now seriously collectable.

The signs were already there with his magnificent…

…early career rendition (with the first 10 seconds mysteriously empty) of the Porgy and Bess classic

Mental health issues gave him a hard time, particularly in later life, but his appeal to the British blues scene grew and grew. Luckily I bought much of his vinyl when it was current as now the values have spiralled so if you want some you will have to look very carefully.

For Philippa in particular and anyone else who loves good blues arrangements and voice I close this tribute with (accompanied by a strangely oblique vid which I can only think was meant to symbolise ‘driving’ music)

Yours, diablog, sad


One thought on “power-ful…

  1. Great tribute and thanks for the consideration.
    Can’t say I knew much about Duffy (this one), apart from his part in Alexis Korner.
    Stomping last track. Just trying to think who it stole the sound from!

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