TSA rearming Germans?

Dear Reader,

Whenever one hears about weapons fanatics, one immediately thinks of the US. But this month the German authorities even had to call the bomb squad to empty a house of a lunatic. Reportedly he had not only dozens of guns and pistols in his cellar, but also live grenades.

And how did they find the guy? Customs officials at a German airport found a package containing two live grenades. The guy had ordered those from the USA.

Let me repeat and emphasize that, live grenades were sent via airmail from the USA to Germany.

Now, I have made fun of the Transport Security Agency (TSA) on diablog before, for example here. But this tops everything so far.

I have to ask you, TSA, you do not allow me to have a Zippo lighter on me, or a mini Swiss army knife on my key chain, or more than 100 ml of liquid in my carry-on. And the liquid has to be in a special plastic bag. But flying live grenades around the globe is OK? I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that, right?

You are the highly trained security professionals, who confiscate water bottles, toys, and turtles. But you fail to find explosive material in a regular package going into a plane? Explosives, which can be spotted by normal customs officials? Or any dimwit for that matter?

I am really glad you make all of us take off our shoes.

Engine Room

10 Replies to “TSA rearming Germans?”

  1. Dear ER
    A very interesting and worrying post.
    It surely is a LIVE grenade and not a LIFE grenade.
    Whichever way you write it, both are f****** dangerous.

  2. Hey ER,

    That is crazy stuff, but I remember that nothing is without fault. The great thing is that they finally sorted it. The guys mind-set is interesting though, I wonder what he was thinking.



  3. After Glynsky made ER’s day yesterday, all I can do is to wish all “A Happy St. David’s Day”
    I must remember to pick up some daffodils for my Mum later.

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