morrie the underpresser…

Dear diablog,

There are some aspects of Jewish humour that can appeal to anyone of any faith – and this I think is one! The title is from a famous joke and this will join it.

I have no idea what a Talmudic student is (probably luckily) and am sometimes fooled by suit material being very dark blue or black, but this delightful clip is from a Jewish Film Festival in LA but I think shot in New York.


Yours, diablog, without a prayer


so how was it for yew too?…

Dear diablog,

Still ruminating on the abysmal ‘Operation Yew Tree’ it is fascinating to consider where it appears to  be suggesting that the male/female dance may end up. As Pete is now officially an OAP some of the following may pass him by, but he can, I ‘spose, still dream as he is invisible.

Forgetting for the moment that most of the alleged ‘star’ misdemeanour’s took place in the ’60’s to ’80’s and, as Philippa noted on the earlier post, there are some properly serious trials on going, it would appear that soon any pimply ‘boy’


who misreads ‘getting the eye’ from what looks to him like


but is more likely to be…

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Anonymous in House of Cards

Dear Reader,

Last Friday Netflix released the 2nd season of its highly acclaimed production House of Cards. With two feet of snow in the city this weekend, one could easily indulge in what is now called “binge viewing“, watching all 13 episodes over the weekend. If you have not seen it yet, don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post.

The new episodes are full of references to current affairs. Three I would like to point out. They all relate to the hacker string and Anonymous.

1. When a journalist visits a server farm, the tour guide says: “We have over 9000 servers here”.

This is a nice reference to the over 9000 meme from Dragon Ball Z, which is popular among Anonymous.

2. The cracker turned FBI informant (inspired by Sabu?) is criticized by the FBI for not “having delivered AVunit yet”.

This is a reference to avunit of Anonymous offspring LulzSec, who has not been caught. And it seems avunit enjoys the attention:

3. Later in the season the FBI informant demands, “release Barrett Brown

Falsely, Barret Brown often is referred to as the mouth piece of Anonymous, which by definition Anonymous cannot have. But his presence in IRC chats frequented by Anonymous and LulzSec as well as his reporting about both made him a target of the US government. You can read about this ridiculous case here. If you want to support Barrett Brown, you can do so here: And more about the illegal treatment of Anonymous by the GCHQ you can find here.

Enjoy the show,

Engine Room

so how was it for yew?..

Dear diablog,

Have you any idea as to what may link these two plants?


A yew tree, and


a money tree?

The probable answer as demonstrated in a few recent trials is


a bleeding heart!

If you live in the UK you must have been mesmerised (catatonic -ised?) by the joke that has been played out to the cost of the British tax payer and which has been labelled Operation Yew Tree. So many crocodile tears have been shed by so many ‘caring’ folk they have probably been the real reason for the flooding of the Thames Estuary rather than excessive heat generated in the Far East – as claimed by the Daily Mail. Always a reliable source.

If you know nothing of all this consider yourself lucky.

In brief, a rather creepy (this, by the way, I thought of him long before everything kicked off) geezer dies and is then accused by untold millions of being a pervert.

Unhelpfully he is dead.

Ergo, as far as the press and most of the suitably prejudiced remaining millions are concerned, he is guilty.

The breast beating outcry leads to the creation of an insane witch hunt where anything from farting to assault is ‘collected’ (like berries) by the police under the label of Yew Tree who invite anyone who wishes to win a Mars bar to write in and, rather than phone a friend, ‘denounce a neighbour’.

This sort of move had been perfected by a certain Dr. G between 1923 and ’44.

This leads to a motley collection of aged ‘C listers’ being persecuted by the DSS, the police and, in hordes, the press. So far, the net result of this whole ‘Affair’ and ‘Operation’ is that one (dead) person has been totally f****d by the press and hundreds, if not thousands, of accusers who are blindly believed by all and sundry as, being dead, he finds it a little awkward to defend himself.

Of the alive I think about 8 have been accused – who, being alive, have been allowed to be heard by a jury and have all been acquitted, the latest being a thoroughly nice fellow (when I knew him) ex DJ, Dave Lee Travis.


Sadly, ‘ex’ is the word as he has had to sell his house to pay for the trial, lost his job and, I assume, fought to hang on to his wife and family.

When the ‘Saville’ scandal (I stress again, untried or proven) broke, I was at a dinner party where I was attacked as an apologist by Pete and two ladies for saying that a) nothing could be proven so what did anyone hope to gain and b) whatever else he had done, he had raised millions for charities and how were the recipients of the money going to feel?

Apparently ‘there was no doubt’.

Somehow the whole thing to me, at the time, made me feel that I was being/am being led by the nose and in my opinion the outcomes of the trials prove it. Later I will explain with the utmost summonable cynicism my theory as to by whom.

So now, if I have to confront the two ladies again, (Pete don’t count as he now appears to be totally defunct – or arrested by Yew tree), where are we?

Yours, diablog, bemused


Too much water

Dear Reader,

The UK is making international news with all the rain and flooding. Maybe that is why we did not hear from Pete?

To lift your British spirits, here is a nice little pop song by one of Smiles’ favorite, Kim Wilde, Water on Glass:

The beat should at least get your wet feet moving.

Stay dry,

Engine Room

queen of the dessert…

Dear diablog,

I have just finished reading an extraordinary book which had figured on my Christmas list – I had requested 5 and this was number 2 so my present will last for another month or two, thanks Mme.

I suppose when one is born with the surname Shakespeare it is incumbent to show some writing skills and this young man has kept to his heritage.



The plot is extraordinary in that it is the true story of his aunt who, within the family, was recognised as a bit of a bête noire but now one seemed to be able to tell him why!

All remained a bit of a mystery until…


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