Happy 125th Eiffel Tower

Dear Reader,

Someone complained, we wouldn’t mention the French often enough. But, how many insults should one make in a year?

In any case, today we can congratulate the Eiffel Company, 125 years ago the tower – is it really a tower ? – by the same name was opened officially.

Upon completion and for 41 years the Eiffel tower was the largest structure in the world. Until the more beautiful Chrysler building was completed. And then the French had to add an antenna to their skeleton to beat the Chrysler building again. Talk about Napoleon (sic!) complex, or is it Sarcozy complex now?

By the way, the crazy French declared the ‘Eiffel Tower illuminated at night’ to be copyright protected. Really. Don’t publish pictures like those, you might get into trouble. Or maybe not. If in doubt, send your picture to diablog, we’ll take care of it.

The only reason I am mentioning the skeleton, is that the same Eiffel Company participated in the construction of a much more important and way more beautiful structure, my all time favorite lady:

Thanks for that!

Engine Room

PS: I suggest, Smiles is allowed to skip one gym session, if he mounts Mrs. Liberty.

classics in pop 3…

Dear diablog,

If music be the food of love, play on!

That William knew a thing or three when he fed the line to Orsino in Twelfth Night and we mere mortals certainly love the love music – though sometimes become a little maudlin muddled as to the sentiment!

Unrequited, obsessive, dreamy, regretful, name it, we write songs about it. But on occasion having the object of your desire stolen from under your nose brings out the best.

This number, the original here, was definitive for pretty much every Brit Beat Band in the ’60’s. Written by Lieber and Stoller (with help from Richie Barrett) –  I absolutely love it to bits.


‘Some other Guy’ was covered by just about every one including (from the 18 I have found) the Beatles, Searchers, Swinging Blue Jeans and …


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The better Nutrocker

Dear Reader,

Glynsky left for the weekend, a good opportunity to correct his recent posts about classical music, as announced here.

Already on diablog we have played plenty of songs by the Dutch band Ekseption. We had Toccata, the 5th, Sabre Dance and Air.

So, classics in pop or jazz isn’t new. But it gets worse.

In this post, music ready for some more classical and remix, I played Emerson Lake & Palmer with their record Pictures at an Exhibition. And with what does that end? Correct, The Nutrocker.

Here is the better Nutrocker:


Engine Room

who got lucky?…

Dear diablog,

It is always fascinating to note the varied reactions of others to what seems to the originator completely normal.

Smiles and the Inverness Druid were mouthing off about cars whilst poor Caspie struggled to understand the whole point. My view, I guess, is that I like old things – maybe why we all get along so well!

In every life there are defining moments, particularly between men and women. This seems to have been one for whoever and thanks to Philippa


for supplying it.

How lucky was he!

Yours, diablog, in the money


96club, march 2…

Dear diablog,

I sometimes think, as he is the only one to comment on car posts, that the only person in the whole world who looks at these posts is the Inverness Druid.

However, in the spirit of diablog to amuse someone, anyone, I continue with some of the March offerings at the Millbank Tower (from which we will be moving in April – more later).

You have already once seen Sally’s Mk 1 Mustang


which is as immaculate as the blonde bombshell owner


though to my taste a tad too garish inside…

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engine room is a shower…

Dear diablog,

Last Friday I made allegations about Engine Room’s demeanour which got him all piquey and he went into hiding.

Ever worried about his well being, Pete and I set off to rescue him from his mountain retreat.

The bonus was that at least he had a shower!

Yours, diablog, a trembling