RTFM or why I love the internets

Dear Reader,

Back in the early days of the internet RTFM was a very common phrase. Equally common was the joke:

Q: How do we get rid of all the idiots?

A: Destroy all manuals and let evolution take care of it

I am a huge fan of manuals. And so is Glynsky, why else did he make me write a manual for diablog? Why does he preserve all his Alfa Romeo manuals? His tinkering would be way more difficult without. Certainly, it would be even more expensive.

Manuals are one pillar of the wonderful approach by Montessori:

Help me to do it myself

Manuals are tools on the path to self-development, freedom, and independence.

By now, I hope to have convinced you of the value of manuals. And what has that to do with the internets?

There is a brilliant website, a collection of manuals:


You bought an older sewing machine? Your printer does not work? How does the TV remote work again? Or that cellphone?

ManualsLib is a good starting point when looking for information. Almost all are uploaded by internet users, sharing them for free. THIS is, what the internets are about.

Since we are talking machines, here is Pink Floyd with Welcome to the machine:

Keep tinkering,

Engine Room

life is sweet, la passione 23…

Dear diablog,

Joy in the Glynsky garage. With perfect serendipity three things happen together!

First, this pic will mean nothing to most people, but for me it is one of the most important snaps of the year!

Yes – after a whole 2, yes 2, years all the gauges on the Giulietta Sprint


actually WORK!


not just the Oil Temperature and the Fuel as before, but the water temperature as well. You cannot imagine how happy this makes me. Well done Mr. Fenn, instrument mender to the saints!

Add to this the fantastic work…


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Soulful Music Movie

Dear Reader,

The expert here at diablog on everything soul, music, and movies is Glynsky. At least according to Glynsky.

Since I know little to nothing about Soul and R&B, and according to Glynsky about anything else too, I did some self-education and watched 20 Feet from Stardom a while ago. Yes, the one that won an Oscar this year for best documentary.

Now, this is not a ‘must see movie’. But if you like great voices, it will give you goosebumps a couple of times. Just make sure you are watching the movie – in a theater or at home – with a better than decent sound system.

Two voices stand out, the best is Lisa Fischer, the other one is Janice Pendarvis.

Especially Lisa Fischer is just amazing. Normally I am not too fond of the high register. But this voice is just brilliant. And a pleasure to listen to. Here is a Lisa Fischer tribute, someone put up on YouTube:

Now I am curious, what our ‘expert’ has to say. Probably, I got it all wrong, again.

Enjoying those two voices,

Engine Room

How moving

Dear Reader,

We at diablog are quite into movies, thus the category movies. And we are into history, as shown here. This post combines the two.

A few days ago (quote, links by me) …

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000 historic films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel. This unprecedented release of vintage news reports and cinemagazines is part of a drive to make the archive more accessible to viewers all over the world.

The whole press release is here.

I hope, that contrary to a lot of YouTube content, those will not have copyright limitations. And I hope you will enjoy the old newsreels.

Slightly moved,

Engine Room

how could a place so boring…

Dear diablog,

Frankly, this is a typically uninspiring/uninspired American town


– as most of them are.

A good friend of mine recently, and hopefully to Engine Room’s great discomfort, described his beloved NYC as ” Hull with a few extra restaurants”.  Bang on mate, WTF is worth getting excited over in either Hull or NYC only our beloved bigot knows.

However, the photo above is ” a view of the skyline of Kansas City”.

Not so sure of the skyline (sort of bridges and Legoland) but this town is the unlikely object of desire for a number of well known singers from Wilbert Harrison to the The Beatles and beyond. Even more odd is that, like Some Other Guy, it is one of Glynsky’s favourite songs – why I have no idea as it is a seriously boring place, but then……

Anyway, whilst assembling a selection of versions I stumbled upon this from the superb Muddy Waters  and decided to risk the wrath of the NYC Apologist in subjecting you to almost 10 minutes of sheer genius. I think it will be to Philippa’s taste and, judging from her last reactions to my favourites, Caspie as well. Hope you are in the mood to chill and just lose your soul for 10 – I shall post other versions one day, but this transcends them all.


Yours, diablog, on the corner of Vine



Two great ideas

Dear Reader,

In one of his posts, Where there’s smoke, Glynsky introduced diablog to the technique of cooking on a burning log. He was introduced to the idea by Michaela who supposedly learned about it in Finland. From there comes a new ax:

So far I do not see myself buying that ax. But while watching the video my first thought was:

The tire, what a brilliant idea!

I do a fair amount of wood chopping every year, because I love an open fire place and the exercise with immediate reward. What I don’t like, is bending down  to pick up the pieces. And the tire seems to be a good solution. I can see Glynsky, who has an ax to grind constantly, I mean, a lot of wood to chop, adopting that idea. The racing enthusiast must have plenty of tires around.

What if you don’t? Or don’t like the idea of having a tire lying around?
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