how could a place so boring…

Dear diablog,

Frankly, this is a typically uninspiring/uninspired American town


– as most of them are.

A good friend of mine recently, and hopefully to Engine Room’s great discomfort, described his beloved NYC as ” Hull with a few extra restaurants”.  Bang on mate, WTF is worth getting excited over in either Hull or NYC only our beloved bigot knows.

However, the photo above is ” a view of the skyline of Kansas City”.

Not so sure of the skyline (sort of bridges and Legoland) but this town is the unlikely object of desire for a number of well known singers from Wilbert Harrison to the The Beatles and beyond. Even more odd is that, like Some Other Guy, it is one of Glynsky’s favourite songs – why I have no idea as it is a seriously boring place, but then……

Anyway, whilst assembling a selection of versions I stumbled upon this from the superb Muddy Waters  and decided to risk the wrath of the NYC Apologist in subjecting you to almost 10 minutes of sheer genius. I think it will be to Philippa’s taste and, judging from her last reactions to my favourites, Caspie as well. Hope you are in the mood to chill and just lose your soul for 10 – I shall post other versions one day, but this transcends them all.


Yours, diablog, on the corner of Vine



24 thoughts on “how could a place so boring…

  1. Fantastic, well worth 10 minutes of my time. The great Muddy Waters, it doesn’t get better than that.
    Can I have Smokestack lightning by Howling Wolf next.
    I remember the Blues explosion in England in the sixties, lots of great music that can stand the passing of time.

  2. I have no idea what am meant to be listening to.
    There is only a picture, nothing else.

    And also I am confused —> words missing, referring to one’s self. Where you drunk Glynn?


  3. Hey Caspie – I wish at this time of day! Tho’ maybe a tad early, and certainly not on a Thursday morning.
    Just tried it (with an excellent coffee!) and all seems well – mystery. Maybe ER while gallop to the rescue – but then, miserable git, maybe not!

  4. Morning Glynsky,

    Haha, Someone out there is drunk at this time.
    I was just curious.
    Yes I think on my phone at least the box appear but on the laptop; which recently came back from repairs, it does not unfortunately.
    Which coffee is excellent, and what makes a coffee excellent? I planned on going to a taster night for coffee, but didn’t.
    I thought ER was a robot. No feelings and all that haha.



  5. Ooooer – way beyond me. The only thing that appears on my phone is ‘ring ring’.
    ER is not a robot – it is just that his joints squeak badly due to age. Don’t let it worry you – a good dose of cod liver oil will help (as well as keeping him ‘regular’).
    Mentioning regular brings me to coffee – ER’s professed field of excellence.
    Sadly, as usual it is not true.
    He restricts himself to espresso’s (a personal thing) which can only really be made (in his opinion) properly by a £7,000,000 machine – or by a slim Columbian girl who has roasted (his!) beans on her left thigh facing north at 2am.
    If you are serious, try everything ‘cos coffee is an extremely personal thing. My main counsel would be a) avoid (like the plague) any ‘coffee’ from any American owned chain – McD, Starbucks, KFC. It is but hot brown water – I dread to think of from whence it came. b) decide if you want milk in it or not (yuccchhh) c) try different ‘strengths’ – the weakest good coffee in a decent retailer is ‘americano’, strongest espresso ristretto (though in the UK they don’t understand this. d) there are so many brands to choose from my advice is, if you are going to make it at home, stick with the Italian ‘Illy’ which is smooth and cool (bit like me), buy yourself a cafetière (cheap, John Lewis) and start with longer drinks than espresso – unless you like stuff like curries and hot food, in which case go into a local Costa, buy an espresso, breathe in the aroma, (add sugar if you like it) and, wham, you will be hooked at first sip!
    Diablog has had much discussion over the years on coffee – check ’em out – despite ER’s prejudices.

  6. Coffee works for me, especially a rich Napoli cappuccino for breakfast, preferably with Colazione.

  7. Jeez Glynsky!

    Your knowledge is awesome!!
    Firstly, I think that the fault is not with Diablog but my computer, it is apparent that I cannot see certain videos on other sites too. I have no idea what to do.
    I feel as though I should ring them. ask them what was wrong and what they did to my laptop so I can fix it or something.
    Anyway as for the coffee Glynsky, Thank you so much. That is a wealth of information. I doubt I will be able to start my coffee adventure now but for once I read and understood what you said so all that information is tattooed into my memory.



    P.s ER wouldn’t know what to do if you lubed him up that much!.

  8. Oh oh,

    It is because of ER’s awesomeness that I am able to see Glynsky,
    and for many other things this talented man has helped with THANKS.

    You are the biggest pearl, I appreciate you oh so very much.

    (I was going to post something, but am even more soppier than before, I wasn’t sure you handle it)



  9. Glynsky drunk ? Never !!!!!!
    I wonder how many of you were subjected to the late night text message last week after he was raped by a marauding Icelandic Rabbi and the pathetic apology ordered by the sweet Mme Glynskette the next morning.
    Now in lounge at Frankfurt Airport, waiting for connecting flight to Almaty.

  10. You underestimate how threatened I felt. I turned to those I thought real friends (oh ok, my fingers slipped and about 6) for advice.
    In addition, my wife does not understand me.

  11. Your wife not understanding you is nothing new but should not be a reason to drink with strangers. Learn something from this experience. Next time, you feel the need, call the Professionals, ER and me.

  12. HAHAAAAAA – a tear formed.
    This is hilarious guys x
    You are my biggest superstars xxx have a great day sweets xxx and ER xxx


  13. Glynsky a sweets or sweetie ?? Never !!!!!
    He bites head off Jelly Babies.
    Just arrived in Almaty.

  14. Yep – love it!
    Did I tell you I met his son a couple of years ago. Saw him at a gig in Devon. Great sound – nice guy. Loads of harmonica with his stuff.
    Keep it up…

  15. On the coffee thing. Can’t live without espresso – the ristretto the better!
    Illy’s good, but there are many to chose from that give great flavour.
    Never could understand why the Americans offer weak jugged coffee everwhere, BEFORE a meal. “Coffee sir?” No thanks, don’t want to ruin my meal! Where did this come from ER?

    1. Sorry, Philippa,
      That seems a bit outdated, at least since the late 90s.
      Today you get a good espresso pretty much everywhere.
      And no, Starfucks is not what I consider ‘good espresso’.

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