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The expert here at diablog on everything soul, music, and movies is Glynsky. At least according to Glynsky.

Since I know little to nothing about Soul and R&B, and according to Glynsky about anything else too, I did some self-education and watched 20 Feet from Stardom a while ago. Yes, the one that won an Oscar this year for best documentary.

Now, this is not a ‘must see movie’. But if you like great voices, it will give you goosebumps a couple of times. Just make sure you are watching the movie – in a theater or at home – with a better than decent sound system.

Two voices stand out, the best is Lisa Fischer, the other one is Janice Pendarvis.

Especially Lisa Fischer is just amazing. Normally I am not too fond of the high register. But this voice is just brilliant. And a pleasure to listen to. Here is a Lisa Fischer tribute, someone put up on YouTube:

Now I am curious, what our ‘expert’ has to say. Probably, I got it all wrong, again.

Enjoying those two voices,

Engine Room

One thought on “Soulful Music Movie

  1. Whats to say?
    Excellent, never heard of her and will have to attend to that.
    I am not a fan of the modern idea of ‘voice aerobics’ (is this an exercise for Mme. to help her knee to full operation?) which always seems a bit contrived to me.
    However, ER, you appear to have made a discovery. Maybe the first since you tried peanut butter at 8 years old.

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