life is sweet, la passione 23…

Dear diablog,

Joy in the Glynsky garage. With perfect serendipity three things happen together!

First, this pic will mean nothing to most people, but for me it is one of the most important snaps of the year!

Yes – after a whole 2, yes 2, years all the gauges on the Giulietta Sprint


actually WORK!


not just the Oil Temperature and the Fuel as before, but the water temperature as well. You cannot imagine how happy this makes me. Well done Mr. Fenn, instrument mender to the saints!

Add to this the fantastic work…



…by C E Moore and Co to the hood and dash of the GTC




and dash of the GTC


which in addition has had 4 new tyres, a new exhaust, a full engine work out and a variety of improvements about which I shan’t bore you.

Oh life is sweet – and the third and even sweeter thing starts as I write on which more soon.

Yours, diablog, ready for the road


10 thoughts on “life is sweet, la passione 23…

  1. Please, please bore us. This is one of the few blogs I can actually understand.
    I love the multi function gauge, a true piece of engineering history.
    The GTC is looking good, ready in time for some fine weather.

  2. Thank you as always Druid.
    Problem is that the core of this blog is meant to be 2 old geezers moaning at and about each other.
    Since the ‘retirement’ of Pete we have been casting around for a replacement (though the man hisself did threaten a return – some time!) and if I keep posting the tons – literally – that I could we would lose some of our aficionados. Mind you, that assumes that there are some! The stats say yes, but they don’t comment so…
    We’ll plug on and see.
    Glad you enjoy and don’t worry – more on 96 et al soon.
    Thanks for the remarks

  3. Perhaps Smiles could take over from Pete, he’s getting old and set in his ways.
    You and he have a lot of history or is that something that should be kept out of print.

  4. Dear Bruv. Thank you for the vote of confidence, If I am getting older, you will always be 7 years older :-)
    I could not possibly take over from Pete. The only person who could, is our dear ER, who is a wizard with computers etc.

  5. Dear ER,
    It is particularly due to your wizardry with etc. that you are the man for the job.
    You have my full support.

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