RTFM or why I love the internets

Dear Reader,

Back in the early days of the internet RTFM was a very common phrase. Equally common was the joke:

Q: How do we get rid of all the idiots?

A: Destroy all manuals and let evolution take care of it

I am a huge fan of manuals. And so is Glynsky, why else did he make me write a manual for diablog? Why does he preserve all his Alfa Romeo manuals? His tinkering would be way more difficult without. Certainly, it would be even more expensive.

Manuals are one pillar of the wonderful approach by Montessori:

Help me to do it myself

Manuals are tools on the path to self-development, freedom, and independence.

By now, I hope to have convinced you of the value of manuals. And what has that to do with the internets?

There is a brilliant website, a collection of manuals:


You bought an older sewing machine? Your printer does not work? How does the TV remote work again? Or that cellphone?

ManualsLib is a good starting point when looking for information. Almost all are uploaded by internet users, sharing them for free. THIS is, what the internets are about.

Since we are talking machines, here is Pink Floyd with Welcome to the machine:

Keep tinkering,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “RTFM or why I love the internets

  1. Hey Carrot,

    A suggestion- all these educational links are awesome, but difficult to find later later on. Perhaps grouping them? Xx



  2. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t call a Mc’serious arse like you a carrot when asking for a favour….

    Technically though, I don’t see why carrots would offend you.

    A box of snacks are in the post. Will you consider grouping the information please? xx



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