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Dear diablog,

Thanks to Philippaphillipa-real

for a timely reminder. This is her take on the revised map of Scotland after a Yes vote


floating off towards the Evil Empire. Ooh purleeeeze.

Yours, diablog, in hope


Resounding at the Engine Room right now

Dear Reader,

Coming home from a stroll through some live music clubs – all new bands, none worth mentioning – I noticed, that our flash videos were not playing. Bugger.

Flash video is going out of fashion anyway, so we could have left it at that. But I really dislike dead links, pics not being displayed, vids not playing, all the signs of a broken website. Thus, I fixed it. I hope. If any video isn’t playing for you, would you please be so kind and let me know?

Here now is an example of a flash video, a true classic from the disco era – Glynsky might not like it:

Born to be alive by Patrick Hernandez.

I apologize for the fuck up.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Update, downtime possible

Dear Reader,

Our blogging software, WordPress, delivered another, slightly bigger update. We did the last two smaller ones without problems and you probably did not even notice. Except maybe for faster page loading.

This update is a bigger one, again all changes are ‘under the hood’.

Some bloggers experienced problems. Whereas I updated a few other websites so far – this time diablog did not play guinea pig, and all went smoothly.

With that encouragement, I intend to update diablog over the weekend. If things go well, you won’t notice anything. If they don’t, you might experience some down time.

Update: All went well. If you have or see any problem, please let us know.

Update 2: Not all went well. None of the 200+ flash videos were playing. It’s fixed now.

Next year in Jerusalem,

Engine Room

One step closer to Freedom(box)

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles suggests here, that you wear a condom while browsing. I do not want to even imagine, what he looks like in his full body condom. Feel free to do an image search yourself.

On the other hand, the whole discussion might be pretty much obsolete soon.

The Freedombox reached its next mile stone. As a reminder, diablog supported the Freedombox, when it started. And I explained the concept here. Two days ago progress was announced here.

I have to admit, since the start three years ago, to almost have lost patience. At times I doubted, whether it would happen. Certainly, our Alzheimer’s patient Glynsky has forgotten everything about it. But within a few weeks we should be able to get a first look. And I hope to do a test with a real Freedombox sometime later this year. If so, Glynsky will be the first to get one from me. Even if that means moving diablog again. Wait, what? Did I just say that?

With some luck we will be able to really flip the bird to all censor-happy and spying idiots in the world.

Here is the matching song by Snap, The Power:

Well done Freedombox Foundation. Soon we’ll have the power,

Engine Room

an easter treat…

Dear diablog,

Some weeks ago I promised you an amazing piece of motoring related film. I have finally got round to getting it sorted.

Quite honestly if I never post another vid it wouldn’t matter! This is truly rare, priceless and absolutely extraordinary. Mind you, what is ‘ordinary’ about a 24 hour race? And in particular Le Mans – and in 1957!

Check out the old lady in the pits at the start of the film, the microphone, people milling around in full path of the cars and mechanics – stunning.

Bless Erikaerika3

a like minded soul, for sending me this.

The main subject here is actually Mike Hawthorn – a true hero of his time and forever a legend.

Is it the first ever ‘on board’ camera? What on earth were the ‘ordinary’ folk thinking as they cycled and drove their vans in the course of an ‘normal’ day? That I could have been there.

I am lucky enough to have shared Alan Jones caravan sorry, motorhome, at Brands in ’81, supped tea with Prost in ’86, exchanged addresses with Derek Warwick,  dined with Eddy Jordan and a million other memories – but nothing, nothing like this!


This is so special it is here in time for you to enjoy with a chocolate Easter egg. Watch it through carefully – every time I do I spot something else!

Yours, diablog, ready for the road


Be a bit safer online

Dear Reader,

In one of his recent comments, Smiles makes fun of the dangers of the internet. Don’t worry, he means well.

By the way, what is the opposite of well done? Well intended.

Back to a slightly safer internet experience. We mentioned the Tor project on diablog a couple of times. If you want to go a step further, pretty much everyone I trust on that issue recommends using Tails.

Tails is an operating system based on Debian/GNU Linux. The first major difference is:

Tails is not installed on the computer.

Instead, Tails is installed on a CD, DVD, USB stick, Smart Card, or other external medium. Thus, Tails works like a guest on the computer, using only the temporary memory (RAM). By default, no data is stored permanently on the computer. On most computers the RAM is cleared upon shut down. Thus, you are less likely to leave any traces on the hosting PC.

Second major difference with Tails:

all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network

That means, all your email, web browsing and chats are encrypted. And it is much harder to trace you.

The additional safety has limitations. If you want to learn more about Tails, read their warning page here:


According to many websites, Edward Snowden used Tails. And the NSA / GCHQ complained, that they cannot really eavesdrop on Tails users. Or at least not as easily as on others.

Update: One of the top computer security experts, Bruce Schneier, came out as a Tails user here.

Please remember, there is no such thing as 100% security. Even a concrete house with no windows and just one door isn’t 100% safe against a break-in. But certainly it is utterly useless to live in.

Stay sane,

Engine Room